Hardtail VS Full Suspension E-Bike: Which One To Choose?

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E-bikes have become a popular mode of transportation, with an increasing number of people adding them into their daily commutes. However, when you begin your search for an e-bike, you may encounter a variety of specifications that can be confusing. One such factor is the choice between hardtail and softail suspension systems.

New e-bike buyers often find themselves puzzled by the concept of a full suspension electric bike and how it differs from its counterpart. If you share this confusion, this blog has the solution for you. In the following sections, we will explore different suspension systems in e-bikes and answer the question, "Which is better: hardtail or full suspension electric bike?"

Mokwheel Obsidian-full suspension electric mountain bike

What Is the Difference Between a Hardtail E-Bike and a Full Suspension E-Bike?

Let's examine each e-bike suspension type separately.

Hardtail E-Bike:

A hardtail e-bike comes with a front fork but lacks rear suspension. Generally, they are over 1kg lighter than their softail counterparts. The primary advantage of choosing a hardtail e-bike is affordability, with prices as low as $1200. The structure of a hardtail e-bike is relatively rigid, resulting in a potentially bumpier ride, especially on uneven terrains. 

These e-bikes are well-suited for well-paved urban roads, where the front fork suspension adequately handles bumps. Historically, hardtail bikes enjoyed improved performance due to enhanced energy transfer. The reduced suspension system ensured direct energy transfer to the pedals, facilitating quicker accelerations.

Full Suspension E-Bike:

Full suspension, or softail, e-bikes epitomize comfort, featuring rear suspension for absorbing bumps and providing a smoother ride. The full suspension enhances the e-bike's handling and maneuverability, aiding beginners in placing their first steps correctly. Best full suspension electric bikes, such as the Obsidian, also incorporate air rear shocks, further enhancing the off-road riding experience. 

Generally, these e-bikes are powered by robust motors, offering quicker acceleration. In the past, full suspension ebikes faced challenges while climbing hills as some energy transfer was absorbed by the rear suspension. However, with newer technologies, e-bike brands have addressed this issue, ensuring minimal energy wastage.

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Comparative Analysis

Now, let’s approach a comprehensive comparison of the two e-bike types. We'll discuss how the e-bikes fare on comparable factors:


A softail e-bike generally takes the lead in everyday scenarios. This is mainly because the e-bike is equipped with an improved suspension system, and the additional rear shocks keep the bike under firm control even at high speeds. In addition, softail e-bikes often feature a more powerful motor, enhancing their overall driving experience. 

However, when considering e-bikes with identical specifications but different suspension systems, a hardtail e-bike will perform marginally better while climbing hills. It's important to note that maneuvering hardtail ebikes on uneven roads may require more skill.


The main selling point of a full suspension e-bike is its comfort, justifying the additional cost. The linked suspension of a full suspension e-bike ensures a smooth ride without noticeable bumps or jerks. Improved maneuverability also provides a comfortable ride on grass and other challenging terrains. 

Nonetheless, some hardtail e-bikes boast good front fork suspension, capable of absorbing significant bumps on everyday urban roads; however,  the comfort level is still far-off from a softail e-bike.


E-bikes, in general, do not have a traditional engine, so regular maintenance only involves cleaning and lubricating wires and parts. However, with a full suspension, maintenance extends to the rear shocks and pivots to ensure they reach their full lifespan.

Is It Worth Getting a Full Suspension Electric Bike?

Having comprehensively discussed full suspension e-bikes, the key question is whether spending an additional $500 or so on a softail e-bike is worthwhile. The answer depends on your context.

A full suspension e-bike offers superior comfort, handling, traction, and riding experience. It is designed to fulfill your adventures on off-road terrains while providing an impeccable experience within the city. The full suspension also enhances your e-bike’s stability at high speeds, making it suitable for long rides.

For adventurous individuals who enjoy exploring off-road areas, the additional price is justified. However, if your primary use is commuting within the city, you may need to decide whether compromising on better comfort is acceptable for the price difference.

Hardtail VS Full Suspension E-Bike: Choice Advice

We've already discussed both types of e-bikes in detail, and now it's time to assist you in making your choice. 

A full suspension electric mountain bike can be your companion on adventures and daily commutes, offering enhanced comfort and stability, albeit at a higher price. Similarly, if you're new to e-biking, a softail e-bike would be a better option due to its easier maneuverability and improved traction.

However, if you're not a fan of adventurous rides and prefer sticking to regular paved roads, you might not fully avail the benefits of a full suspension e-bike. In that case, a hardtail e-bike would be more suitable. Likewise, if you're an experienced rider, handling and riding a hardtail e-bike shouldn't pose any difficulty.

Mokwheel Obsidian-full suspension fat tire electric bike for sale

Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Under $3000

Mokwheel Obsidian

When discussing the best full suspension electric mountain bikes, the Obsidian by Mokwheel cannot be overlooked. It's an exciting launch that has redefined the softail market. With a 1000 W motor and a 940 Wh battery, this e-bike is a versatile partner for all journeys. 

The air rear shock and damping technology make your rides feel effortless. Mokwheel has also introduced power station capabilities in the Obsidian, making it perfect for off-road excursions. It retails for a competitive price of $2399 and comes with several free add-ons.

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Himiway Cobra

Himiway's attempt at a full suspension fat tire electric bike is commendable; the Cobra has impressed its users. It features a 750 W motor and over 900 Wh of battery, providing up to 70 miles of range. The e-bike incorporates a four-bar linkage system to complement the rider.

Evolve Neo

The Neo has gained market traction thanks to its stylish design. Priced higher than the top two models, its motor produces 95 Nm of torque, and it comes with a 672 Wh battery, providing up to 50 miles on a single charge.


As interest in e-bikes rises, buyers often face confusion when deciding on their best fit. A full suspension e-bike is undoubtedly a better choice for added comfort, improved riding performance, and better stability. 

If you are looking for full suspension electric bikes for sale, Mokwheel is the place to go. With our Obsidian, you will get an exciting e-bike that will be your partner for years to come. Our 15-day refund policy, 2-year warranty, and impeccable customer support will keep you at ease. On our January Deals, you will see the latest and surprising benefits, don’t miss it! Make your decision today!

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