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  • Tor Plus All Terrain Bike

    • All-Purpose Large Tire--Reduce the overall pressure for a smooth and safe riding on all kind of topography. Suitable for both commuter or mountain.
    • Smooth Ride--Ride everywhere and anywhere without being constrained. Extra powerful 750W BLDC motor with 80Nm torque to take on high hills and dirt roads.
    • Durable Crankset--Aluminum provides excellent power transfer with efficiency. Strong, light, durable, high axial strength and compatibility.
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  • Upland Plus Electric Fat Bike

    • Friendly UI--LCD Odometer with Easy to understand display control that provides constant monitoring of your ride.
    • Heavy-Duty Rear Bike Rack--The sturdy structure allows you carry heavy cargo. You can use it to secure panniers, bags, baskets, and other items on your commute, and even carry other people.
    • Cushioned Seating--Supportive and comfortable seat to fit all your needs. An ergonomic design with the perfect width to give you the best riding experience.
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  • Mesa Plus ST

    • This model keeps it friendly with a step-thru design made for everyone.
    • Reliable Brakes--A 180mm disc brake that generates amazing braking power and much more reliability in wet weather. All in all, less effort, less heat, easy control.
    • Adjustable Suspension Fork--Stay comfortable even on rough roads. It definitely helps to not feel every single bump shaking your hands. With shock absorbing suspension forks, you can keep your tires inflated to the max.
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  • Mesa City Commuter Bike

    • Shimano 7-speed Shifter--Internal geared hub provides speed shifting with a longer lifespan and low maintenance. This allows you to change gears when stationary, useful for urban riders who want to change gears at a stop.
    • LED Integrated Taillight--A brake light that also incorporates turn signaling functions while cruising, braking, and turning. They are quicker to react, last longer and use less power.
    • Adjustable handlebar--Aesthetically pleasing design and strong performance without extra stiffness. Adjustable design makes riding more flexible and easily control for all terrains.
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