Mokwheel Obsidian vs. Himiway Cobra vs. Cyrusher Ranger: Which is The Best Softail Full Suspension Ebike?

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Your dreams of conquering the mountains can become a reality, thanks to softail e-bikes that are ready to support your adventurous aspirations. However, selecting a full suspensionl ebike isn't so straightforward. The market is flooded with a variety of fat tire mountain e-bikes, making it confusing to determine the best option.

Since its launch in September, the Obsidian full suspension ebike has gained popularity among e-bikers due to its comfortable ride, powerful motor, remarkable offroad performance and exciting power station capabilities. This e-bike is designed to excel in off-road excursions, featuring a rear coil-over, front suspension, and an ergonomic saddle, among other comfort-enhancing features.

camouflage electric bikeWhen choosing between e-bikes, Obsidian often competes with the Cyrusher Ranger and Himiway Cobra. Both the Ranger and Cobra have their unique features that are hard to overlook.

In this review, we will compare three exciting softail full suspension e-bikes: the Mokwheel Obsidian, Cyrusher Ranger, and Himiway Cobra. Let's get started.

Features Comparison: Mokwheel Obsidian vs. Himiway Cobra vs.Cyrusher Ranger


Mokwheel Obsidian

Cyrusher Ranger

Himiway Cobra


1000W rear hub brushless

750-watt Bafang



48V 19.6A

52 volt 20 amp-hour

48V 20Ah

Top Speed

28 Mph

28 Mph

25 Mph

Torque Sensor





Up to 80 miles

Up to 50 miles

Up to 75 Miles

Shock Absorbers

Air Rear Shock

Rear Air suspension

4-bar linkage


77 lbs

74 lbs

88 lbs

Free items

helmet, rack, mirrors etc







Off-road excursions demand a durable, robust, and long-range e-bike. Your e-bike should offer a comfortable ride and easy maneuverability on rugged terrain. Let's take a closer look at the key features of the Obsidian, Cobra, and Ranger to determine which one excels.

Motor: The Mokwheel Obsidian boasts the most powerful motor in its category, featuring a 1000W rear hub motor. Its rear hub positioning enhances acceleration when climbing hills and navigating rough terrain. The 1000W motor, along with the latest torque sensor, adds to the joy of riding. In contrast, the Ranger and Cobra come with lower-rated 750W motors, providing top speeds of 28 mph and 25 mph, respectively.

Range: The Mokwheel Obsidian leads in the range department as well, thanks to its 48V battery producing 940W, offering a range of approximately 80 miles. Despite having the highest-watt motor, the Obsidian's impressive range speaks to the quality and efficiency of its technical components. The Cobra also provides up to 75 miles of worry-free travel.

Power Station: While an extensive range and a powerful motor contribute to a rider's excitement, the Mokwheel Obsidian has another exciting feature: the power station. You can connect the Mokwheel Obsidian to Mokwheel inverters and solar panels to power your appliances or charge your battery. Therefore, if you're concerned about running out of power during an excursion, the Mokwheel Obsidian has you covered. The Cobra and Ranger lack this feature.

Shock Absorber: Riders wish for an ebike with shock absorption to maximize their comfort; hence, the Obsidian uses advanced air rear shocks for shock absorption that provide a silky smooth ride. The latest damping technology absorbs any bumps and ensures a pleasurable ride even at high speeds. The Ranger also features a rear air shock that enhances its suspension, and when combined with the front fork, it excels in high-speed stability.

Mechanical Details


Mokwheel Obsidian

Cyrusher Ranger

Himiway Cobra


TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes


CHAOYANG 26x4.0" Puncture Resistant Fat Tire

26"x4" tires

26"X4.8" CST Tires


6061 Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery

6061 aluminum

6061 aluminum

Max Capacity

400 lbs

330 lbs

400 lbs

During our experience in producing mountain e-bikes, we've understood that an all-terrain e-bike should offer full suspension for comfort, but this comfort shouldn't compromise durability. That's why, with the Obsidian, we've incorporated advanced components to create an ideal ride for excellent offroad performance.

Brakes: All the contenders use hydraulic brakes, but Obsidian's Tektro E-350 brakes set a higher standard in the braking department for this category. Tektro brakes are highly efficient and responsive, ensuring your safety during your rides.

Tires: The Obsidian, Cobra, and Ranger are all fat-tire e-bikes, featuring tires wider than 4 inches, which aids in their maneuverability on rugged terrains. However, navigating rugged terrains can expose your tires to punctures and increased wear and tear. To keep our customers stress-free, we've equipped the Obsidian with Chaoyang's puncture-resistant tires, designed to withstand the challenges of such terrains.

Comfort: E-bikes with shock absorption are a dream come true for mountain e-bikers, and the Obsidian has turned that dream into a reality. The shock absorption is complemented by the aluminum frame, which can handle bumps without creating bothersome rattling noises. The Cobra and Ranger also use aluminum frames, making them durable for demanding adventures.

Obsidian's standout feature in this category is its versatility for all riders. It offers a rider height range between 5'6" and 6'8" and has an impressive payload capacity.

Why Choose Mokwheel?


Mokwheel Obsidian

Cyrusher Ranger

Himiway Cobra


2 years

2 years

1 year


15 days

14 days

14 days

Processing Time

48 business hours

Up to 1 working week

2-5 business day


Mokwheel is a brand dedicated to the e-bike community, and our core philosophy has always been to embrace innovation and prioritize customer satisfaction. As a result, our commitment to our customers goes beyond their initial purchase.

We provide the most convenient return and warranty procedures in the industry. Our e-bike warranty offers comprehensive coverage, including your frame, parts, and battery (terms and conditions apply).

Our close relationship with our customers has allowed us to gain valuable insights into their needs, which is reflected in our product offerings.

Whether it's the Obsidian, Basalt, or Mesa Lite, each product is cherished by its audience, and our customer reviews serve as public proof of their satisfaction. Users have praised the riding experience provided by our high-quality components and distinctive Mokwheel style.

Final Takeaway: Which is the Best Full Suspension Ebike?

We've now completed our analysis of the three e-bikes, and the results are crystal clear. The Cyrusher Ranger and Himiway Cobra are solid fat-tire e-bikes, offering reliable performance in terms of their motor, battery, and suspension. However, their competition with the Mokwheel Obsidian was quite one-sided.

The Mokwheel Obsidian boasts a more powerful motor, extended range, an enhanced full suspension system, and other electrical accessories and features. The addition of power station capabilities puts the Obsidian in a highly favorable position. But the icing on the cake is the Obsidian's affordable price of $2,399 compared to other e-bikes. Mokwheel offers the best value for your money, delivering more than its pricier counterparts. Discover the current deals at Mokwheel and find a variety of complimentary items waiting for you. So, don't hesitate —get your Mokwheel Obsidian electric bike today!

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