Why Buy an Electric Bike? What Electric Bike Should I Buy?

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As awareness of climate change intensifies, eco-friendly choices are becoming a priority. Amidst this shift, electric bikes, a greener alternative to gas-powered vehicles, have significantly gained traction over the past few years.

Currently, the market for electric bikes is booming. We see numerous brands and ebike models emerge. This variety, although exciting, makes it challenging to select an ebike, especially for someone unfamiliar with ebike technology.

Considering this, we have curated this electric bike buyers guide. It highlights the key elements of an electric bike and their significance in buying decisions. Finally, it spotlights some practical commuter ebikes that provide true value for money.

Why Buy An Electric Bike?

At first glance, an electric bike might just seem like a regular bike with an added motor. But there’s more to it. Yes, it has a motor, but it’s the additional features that make it stand out. For instance, the motor not only provides propulsion but also various levels of pedal assistance. This allows riders to experience the joy of traditional cycling (an exercise) with the added benefit of comfort.

The frame of an electric bike is also lighter than that of traditional ebikes. This makes handling and storage quite simple, making it ideal for daily commuting and leisurely needs. 

You also get a wide range of design and color choices. Plus, there’s a variety of ebike types and models to choose from. Take commuter ebikes, for example. They are designed specifically for city travel, featuring powerful motors and larger batteries to ensure a decent range in urban settings.

Comfort is another significant aspect of electric bikes. Many models include front or full suspension systems, which provide a smooth ride across various terrains. And of course, they are eco-friendly and cost-saving too!  

What Electric Bike Should I Buy?

Before buying an electric bike, you should research all types of electric bikes available and then make the decision. For instance, in terms of design, step-through and step-over ebikes are available. Whereas, in terms of use case, there are commuter ebikes, electric cruisers, cargo trikes, and mountain ebikes.

Electric commuter bikes are commonly preferred for city commuting. That’s because their design caters to the needs of city dwellers. They are compact, often foldable, and equipped with features for easy navigation through busy streets. 

If you’re looking for a commuter ebike, advanced and packed with multiple features, we have four best options for you: Mokwheel Asphalt & Asphalt ST and Mesa Lite & Mesa Lite ST.  

Mokwheel Commuter Ebikes-Asphalt & Asphalt ST 

Asphalt is Mokwheel’s popular commuter electric bike, specifically designed for daily usage and city commuting. The ebike is available in both step-thru and step-over variants. 

Mokwheel commuter ebike-Asphalt

In terms of power, the ebike comes with a 500W motor, which is more than enough for paved roads and ebike tracks. Coupled with torque sensors, the ebike’s motor provides 5 levels of pedal assistance based on the rider’s need. At level 5, the assistive top speed goes up to 28 mph. 

LG’s 48V 17.6Ah (705.6 Wh) battery ensures a long and uninterrupted around the city. If you drive it on lower assistance levels, you may expect a range somewhere between 55 to 60 miles. The battery is fully concealed within the ebike’s downtube and at first glance, it appears as a traditional bicycle, but a stylish one!

The ebike presents a compact and sleek design, with every element neatly designed without clutter – from the handlebar to the rear rack. The handles have soft leather grips, which reduce fatigue during long countryside rides.

Apart from PAS, the ebike features a thumb throttle for effortless acceleration without any physical input. The 7-speed derailleur smoothly transitions as the speed changes while its front-travel hydraulic suspension ensures an impact-free ride. 

Mokwheel Commuter Ebikes-Mesa Lite & Mesa Lite ST

Mesa Lite is an economical commuter ebike, priced at just $899. It is a simpler version of Asphalt, yet it contains all the necessary features you need in a commuting ebike.

It has a 350W motor, which is ample for urban needs. Battery-wise, it has LG’s 36V 14.7Ah cells, which provide a decent range of 40 to 50 miles on initial PAS levels. It is fully concealed within the frame, which provides a very neat look. 

The ebike is available in both step-through and step-over styles. The frame is lightweight (weighs 57 lbs.) and sturdy, thanks to the use of Aluminum Alloy.  The polished frame is designed to withstand the toughest road and weather conditions.

Like Asphalt, the ebike comes with five PAS levels, and assistance helps attain a top speed of 28 mph. You also get integrated head and tail lights, which highlight the ebike’s presence on the road. 

Lastly, it has got thin and large (27.5 x 2.4”) tires, which are great for agile riding on city roads. And for these paved roads, the front solid fork works fine. 

Mokwheel’s newly upgraded commuter electric bikes: Mesa Lite 2.0Mesa Lite ST 2.0

Buy Mokwheel commuter ebike-Mesa Lite ST

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Bike

Buying an electric bike shouldn’t be an impulsive decision. It should be backed by research and review of all technical parameters, brand name, and user reviews.

Basic Specifications Of The Ebike

The first thing to review is the ebike’s technical specifications. For instance, review the ebike’s motor power. Ideally, a 350 to 500W would be sufficient for urban needs. Then, check its battery, and what range it provides. Go for an ebike with a range slightly more than your daily commuting distance.

Next, check out its price; is it comparable with the standard ones? Normally, commuter ebikes are available for $1000-1500. However, do compare the ebike’s features with some other brands, offering a ebike similar tag.

Ride comfort does matter, so check the ebike’s tires and suspension. Check if it comes with a rigid fork or a front travel suspension. A front travel suspension is best for all sorts of terrain. 

Pay attention to PAS sensors too. Prefer torque sensors over cadence sensors. Lastly, do check out the ebike’s braking system. Hydraulic brakes are considerably better and more responsive than mechanical disc brakes.   

Riding Performance & Real Reviews

Research, as mentioned earlier, is quite critical as you’re making a significant investment. Gather information from various sources to assess the ebike’s riding performance. 

YouTube is one of those sources. You can watch videos from actual users to understand their experiences. Look for neutral, unbiased product reviews to assess performance realistically.

Additionally, joining online ebike communities can be beneficial. Engage with other enthusiasts to get opinions on different brands and models.

After-Sales Service

Before buying, inquire about the support provided by the seller or manufacturer. This includes warranty coverage, availability of spare parts, and repair services. A good after-sales service can enhance your ownership experience by addressing issues promptly (if they arise). 

Considering Own Needs & Budget

Clarity on your needs and budget is crucial. Ask yourself: How will I use the ebike? Is it for daily commuting to the office or leisurely rides? Your usage will determine the features you need, like battery range, speed, and power. 

Also, set a clear budget. It helps in filtering and narrowing down your choices. By understanding your specific requirements and financial limits, you can select an electric bike that aligns perfectly with both.

Where To Buy An Electric Bike

For purchasing, you have various options. You can start with the local dealership. Search for “ buy electric bike near me” to find local dealers. They offer the advantage of seeing the ebike in person and some do offer test rides. 

You can also buy electric bikes online through the brand’s official store. These sites do provide multiple discounts, which can be financially beneficial.  For those on a tighter budget, second-hand markets can be a good option. You may find pre-owned ebikes on websites like eBay, and Bike Exchange. 


For those looking for a compact, cost-effective solution for daily transportation, buying an commuter ebike is one of the best options. And for mountain hiking enthusiasts, it is highly recommended to explore the Mokwheel fat tire mountain electric bike series. When buying, carefully review the ebike’s basic specifications like motor power, battery, range, suspension, and tires. Make sure these features align with your needs.

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