What are the Different Types of Bike Bags for?

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Your bike is your means of transport. But who said that it isn’t a means of carriage? Excuse us for the 17th-century synonym for it. The fact still remains—bikes are meant to go the distance, but also to carry the distance. 

This is where bike bags come into play. With a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and dimensions, there is a different kind for everyone. What are those? Let’s find out!


Handlebar Bags

This kind of bag sits right around the handlebars. The handlebar bag is one of the least intrusive models on our list. There are two reasons why this might be your preference. 

First, there is no need to install other accessories like pannier racks. Second, they are famous for being one of the most “hand in a glove” bags out there. They simply fit perfectly onto the handles, without making too many compromises. 

Speaking of compromises, we advise you to keep your handlebar bag as light as possible. If it is abnormally heavy, it might just hinder your handling. 


Top Tube Bags

If you are going for a longer spin, you will need refreshments. What better than a bag that is ready for you to dig into it from the most “natural” position of them all? The top tube bag is one of the most sought-after, owing to its easy accessibility. 

The top tube bag allows you to place your snacks and other belongings right under your nose. Grab one right as you cruise. The top tube bag is also the perfect place to place your phone if you are navigating while riding. 


Pannier Bags

The pannier bag is one of the most flexible ones we have on this list. It is typically mounted beside your wheels. The pannier bag is one of the most appropriate ones to use if you have a fair share of daily commuting. 

When we mentioned flexibility, we are also referring to its use case. The pannier bag is so natural that it fits your use case as a regular backpack too. Some of them also come with a lot of utility going under its name. Waterproofing, generous spacing—you name it. 

Mokwheel understands the need for such a useful product. This is why our pannier bags aren’t meant to be trifled with. Want to keep a spare change of clothes? Easy. Want it to be light and easy to maneuver with? No problem.

Seat Pack 

Don’t get this confused with the pannier. While they might appear to be functionally similar, they vary in some ways. Firstly the seat pack usually carries a lot less than the average pannier. 

Secondly, the seat pack is a lot lighter and doesn’t succumb to wind resistance. In fact, where the pannier flaps around in those ardent rides, the seat pack doesn’t break a sweat. 


Frame Pack 

Fitting snugly onto the rider’s triangle, the frame pack is a small but useful product. It doesn’t have a lot of capacity owing to the little space it fits in. It also doesn’t fit universally for most bikes, owing to their construction. 

But that is where it is so special. It doesn’t affect the center of gravity of the bike despite being in that spot. It is also pretty appropriate for carrying smaller containers like bottles. 


Final Words

What is better than packing everything in one bag? Getting all kinds of bags and distributing their weights accordingly. If you are going for longer rides, you will need at least one of the aforementioned kinds. If your rides are longer, why not get them all? 

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