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With the world getting more and more environmentally conscious, e-bikes seem to be all the craze today. Looking to stamp its authority and make its mark in the industry, Mokwheel has recently launched Basalt, an all-terrain e-bike that is the first of its kind. With an array of attractive features and an extremely competitive price tag, Basalt is all set to blow the competition out of the water. 

Product description 

An e-bike that runs by harnessing the power of the Sun isn’t new. The market seems to be inundated by bikes like these. But, what sets Mokwheel's newest e-bike apart from the other ones on the market is that it's both an e-bike and a power station rolled into one. All of this is possible thanks to Basalt's one-of-a-kind inverter with solar power charging compatibility. 

So, you now need not have to worry about your phone running out of charge while navigating or worry about your favorite track getting paused because you ran out of power while on a comforting cruise down the road. All you need to do is just plug in your phone and continue to ride how you normally would. 

Given that there are both USB Type-C and DC ports, the solar inverter that doubles up as a power station can be used to power up not just phones, but also laptops, tablets, or any other devices you would have on you. But, more importantly, this rids the need for those cumbersome power stations that you would have to otherwise carry out every single time you are off on an off-roading adventure. 


Other than the unique inverter with solar power-charging compatibility, Mokwheel's latest offering, Basalt houses a wide range of attractive features. Some of these appealing features include: 

A highly efficient 48V 20Ah battery that provides the highest level of power reliability, equating to a battery capacity of 960Wh. With this battery, you could ride up to 85 miles on a single stretch,  power a television for up to 13 hours, or even turn on an emergency light for up to a whopping 70 hours.

A powerful 750 watts motor that delivers a maximum torque of up to 85 Nm and a top speed of 28 mph/ 45 km to get you cruising through streets or a steep uphill climb up to a 20-degree incline without even breaking a sweat. 

An extremely durable and upgraded 6061 aluminum frame that while giving a sleek and modern look to the bike, can handle a payload of up to a mammoth 400 lbs. 

A bright and multifunctional LED display that provides information regarding riding speed, battery level, and the function of front and rear lights.

Powerful hydraulic brakes (Tektro Auriga E-Comp) that provide the cushion of a safe emergency bike to ensure that you have complete control over the bike, no matter whatever the terrain you’re treading on. 

An adjustable front fork is provided with a lockout lever to allow for brisk adjustments to be made, depending upon total weight and the riding style that you feel the most comfortable in.

A fresh set of 26’ 4-inch fat tires to provide you the shock absorptive capabilities and grip needed to conquer all kinds of terrains, whether it be muddy trails, snow-capped roads, loose gravel, or rocky paths. 

An intuitive battery management system that ensures that you aren’t left stranded on the street, thanks to multiple fail-safe mechanisms and alert lights that start blinking when the battery levels drop below the recommended limit.

A competitive price tag of less than $2000 which is much lesser than some of the other quality e-bikes out on the market.


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