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Although e-bikes were always a fun choice, their popularity skyrocketed in recent years. This might be because, with a good electric bike, you can easily get around while following the social distancing rules. Of course, let’s not forget about the obvious health benefits of riding a bike vs. driving a car.

Whether you are purchasing your first electric bike or you just want to switch to a newer model, taking that first step is always the most difficult part. Why? Well, the first step is always choosing an e-bike manufacturer that you trust. This can be a rather tricky and tedious task… but if you are searching for high-quality electric bikes with top-notch customer service, Mokwheel is the right choice.

Quality control and excellent service

While it is true that the sole production of an e-bike will determine the quality of the product, how the product is handled afterward matters as well. At Mokwheel, both of these points are taken into consideration.

Electric bikes need to be adequately tested by actual consumers to ensure quality. This is why Mokwheel makes sure that every bike is tested before being put on the market. Now, what better way to test out an e-bike than to ride it? The employees at Mokwheel must have a lot of fun with this part because they get to take the bike for a spin. This way, they can gain consumer aspects and report whatever might not be up-to-standard with the brand.

Only when the e-bike passes all the necessary quality tests will it be approved to be sold online. Of course, anyone can simply say that their products are tested and high-quality, so how does this e-bike manufacturer differ from others? Well, on top of providing high-quality online customer service, Mokwheel also provides a 2-year warranty. Thus, no matter what kind of an issue you might encounter with your Mokwheel e-bike, their warranty will take care of it.

Putting the bike together is a piece of cake!

Ordering an e-bike online usually means that you will have to construct it yourself. This is mostly done for quality control since the chances of items getting damaged while compacted in a box are close to none. But, I know what you are thinking… when you order an e-bike, you are probably not looking forward to having to construct it on your own. This must be a complicated process, right?

Well, not quite. Sure, Mokwheel could have made all of this unnecessarily complicated, but where is the fun in that? Instead, they test out the simplicity of constructing their electric bikes by allowing their employees to do it based on the instructions that come with each bike.

But what if I am unable to understand the instructions? That is a good question, and Mokwheel has an answer to that as well. If you are not that good at following instructions on paper, they provide you with an instructional video online. The person in the video will both explain and show you how to set up your Mokwheel e-bike from start to finish! In addition, below the video, all the bike features will be listed, such as bike and LCD functions and parameter settings.

Though, one thing that really makes Mokwheel e-bikes stand out from the crowd is their cushioned seating! They are incredibly comfortable, and let’s also not forget the front + back fenders that will save you from the splash and the rear rack that lets you carry all your necessities.

Great prices for complete e-bikes

Considering that most manufacturers sell rather incomplete e-bikes, you do not have to worry about that at Mokwheel. Here, the bikes are completed and sold at a reasonable price. The current post-launch promotions offer a $150 discount on all e-bikes, which means that you can get an incredibly high-quality electric bike at $1549.

With their two new products on the market, Tor and Upland Plus, there are even more options for you to choose from. It also helps that Mokwheel has a handy website where you can find all the information you need, including a set of guidelines and repair methods for any possible faults you might encounter with your purchase.

Need any help? Their customer support is always at your service!

It’s inevitable that with so many customers, some are bound to have questions or find issues that they do not know how to resolve. Whether you just have a question, you’d like to pose, or you’ve found a fault in production, the customer support at Mokwheel is always available. You can call their service hotline or talk to them through their live chat during working hours, or you can contact them via email at any time.


Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and if you think that there is anything they could do to improve their service or products, you can send them a suggestion. Fill out the online form and submit your ideas/worries/suggestions. No detail is too small if it bothers you, so do not hesitate to send them a message. The team at Mokwheel is quite responsive and understanding.

Owning an e-bike is not just a choice; it is a lifestyle. Not only is it fun to ride e-bikes, but it is also much healthier for you and the environment. Mokwheel is passionate about providing the highest quality e-bikes that are simple to construct and that will make all your rides incredibly comfortable and breezy.

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