An Unforgettable Romantic Valentine

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The floral fragrance felt just as he had imagined it to be. The light notes of jasmine still lingered on the card that he held onto what felt like an eternity. It was tied up to his handle brake, outshining the crystal clear LCD display on his e-bike that reminded him he had only ten minutes to make it.

“Will you be my valentine?” the note on the card read. “I’ll wait till eight at the usual spot so we can go light the sky lanterns together”. It was rough terrain to the lantern festival, but he knew his bike could easily take the abuse. He needed to get to her first though, it was only ten minutes to eight.

Speeding at 20 MPH, he rushed past the roads and gravel, his intelligent pedal assist proving worthwhile once more. Only when he saw her face did he drop his anchors, his bike’s 180mm rotors making the halt a breeze.

“You came”, she exclaimed. He jumped off his bike and reached her, close enough to smell those floral notes once more. “How could I not?” he feverishly replied. “Let’s go”.

She had the same bike, a different model though. That is why he liked her more. He knew they’d get along great because they had similar choices. She used to run her errands on her faithful steed. Then again, often biked up the hill with the wind rushing against her silky hair as she escaped past her dim realities.

Biking with her felt enchanting, captivating, fascinating. Playfully racing against each other, they climbed upwards and away for the lantern festival. They wondered if it were the alloy front suspension forks or simply the magic of the moment that the entire biking experience felt heavenly.  The jagged terrain and nooks and crannies in the way felt like treading on water.

It was a long way there, but the ride was worth their while. The bright headlights made navigation easier through the landscapes. They also had enough charging on their bikes in case they needed more pedal assistance on their way back home. Finally, they arrived.

He remembered the chocolates and flowers he had thrown in the bike’s cargo basket as he made his way to her. Grabbing them before she could see them, he embraced her from behind and handed them over. The lantern festival was romantic, and the exotic moon made everything even more mesmerizing.

It was the most magical Valentine’s Day ever. The ride back home was equally enchanting. Pedal assistance made it even more effortless. They wished the night never ended. It wouldn’t have been possible without their Mokwheels, though.

The Mokwheel e-bikes are a  special treat for people looking for a new way of commuting to and fro, all while making their time worthwhile with their loved ones. It’s 750 Watt high speed brush-less motor technology gives you the ultimate speed, while the 180 mm brakes will help you halt like a pro in the movies. We’re also upgrading our batteries to 20Ah, something you haven’t witnessed across other e-bike brands. Brace yourselves for the ultimate e-bike models and their differing specs that have been tailored to especially suit your varying needs.



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