New Technology Rising at Electrify Expo

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The Electrify Expo, the largest e-mobility festival in North America, is taking place through November 2022. Attendees get exclusive access to new e-mobility vehicles, products, and technology. You can try driving electric vehicles, riding e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards, and learn about the future of mobility. Popular brands participating in the event include Lexus, Porsche, BMW, and many more big-name companies. 

The event location schedule is as follows:

Long Beach, California, June 3 - 5

Seattle, Washington July 23 - 24

New York City, New York August 27 - 28

Miami, Florida October 8 - 9

Austin, Texas November 11 - 13

We attended the first weekend of the event and want to report a revolutionary new tech found at this show. This is an epic all-purpose e-bike produced by Mokwheel called BASALT: the world’s first power all-terrain e-bike fusion that is integrated with power station technology. This innovative product has a great feature that we’ve never seen before on an e-bike. It comes with a unique inverter with solar charging capability that allows you to charge your portable devices at any time while on the go. You don’t have to ever have your devices run out of power when using this e-bike, and there is no need to bring heavy and expensive power stations when going riding.

Mokwheel BASALT uses renewable clean energy from the sun without making any noise or unpleasant fumes. Whether you use an e-bike for city commuting, riding along trails and bike paths, or riding over rugged terrain, this rising new technology at the Electrify Expo is a must-see. The main features of the Mokwheel BASALT are as follows:

A 750W brushless motor and a 960Wh battery allow for an extended traveling range of 85 miles on a single charge. This range is much more than that of the average commuter e-bike, so you can easily make a day trip without having to recharge the battery. The BASALT can reach a speed of up to 28 mph, and the battery capacity and 1000W peak output enable you to keep your devices fully charged at all times.

A smart battery management system that closely monitors the battery status with multiple protection mechanisms to ensure the safety of your battery by altering you if any problems arise. This is important because you don’t want to have a battery malfunction and be suddenly stranded.


An adjustable suspension and two 26-inch fat tires provide tremendous grip and mechanical stability, allowing riders to navigate all types of difficult terrains. Despite these high-tech features, this e-bike is easy to operate and comfortable to ride for people of all ages. BASALT also has a flexible and adaptive hydraulic front fork that makes your ride smoother and improves off-road performance. 

USB-C Port and DC Output charging ports that can provide reliable power for various devices. You can charge your laptop, iPhone, or camera while riding.

An all-terrain e-bike that has padded seating for maximum comfort. Enhanced traction and shock absorption allow the BASALT to navigate muddy trails, loose gravel, snow-covered routes, and steep inclines without feeling unpleasant vibrations or losing your balance.

A multi-functional LED screen display that clearly displays the battery level, riding speed, and front and rear light conditions. This makes the BASALT easy to operate.

An upgraded aluminum frame and hydraulic braking system. These high-tech brakes provide quick, safe braking power without feeling any uncomfortable jerks when stopping on all types of terrain or steep inclines. The BASALT’s sleek design can support up to 400 pounds of passenger weight.

Why attend the Electrify Expo and check out this rising new technology? We think that the Mokwheel BASALT is a revolutionary one of a kind product that combines a top-quality and visually stunning e-bike with a convenient high-tech power station for all of your portable devices. It is also really comfortable to ride and operate, gives you an extended riding range, and is manufactured using cutting-edge technology. Mokwheel is offering some great customer discounts for this new e-bike, so be sure to get to the next Electrify Expo event location and see the Mokwheel BASALT in person.

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