The Ultimate Comparison of Mokwheel's City Electric Bikes - Mesa Lite vs. Asphalt

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Are you in the market for a sleek and green city ebike? Looking for the correct urban commuter ebike? If you are confused about deciding the best option for yourself. Look no further because we have shorted down the long list of electric bikes and found out the most popular models. These are Mokwheel's Mesa Lite and Asphalt models. Both of these two ebikes are popular alternatives amongst customers, imparting a handy and eco-friendly manner to navigate through busy urban streets. In this blog, we're going to be doing an in-depth assessment of the Mesa Lite and Asphalt, so you can make a knowledgeable selection on which city ebike is the most suitable and healthy for your way of life. So let's dive in!

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Mokwheel's Mesa Lite and Asphalt are certain to impress. These sleek and efficient ebikes are geared up with sensors, ensuring a clean and powerful ride through city streets. Whether you pick out the Mesa Lite or the Asphalt, you can expect a dependable and green Commuter ebike so one can get you to your destination in fashion. Let's take a more in-depth study of the features and specifications of these extraordinary city ebikes.

Head-to-Head Comparison of City Ebikes Mesa Lite vs. Asphalt


Mesa Lite


Motor Power




50 miles

50 to 60 miles


LG 36V14.7A

LG 48V 14.7Ah


36V 2.0A 100-240V

48V 3.0A 100-240V

Speed Class

Up to 28mph

Up to 28mph


Sage, Sky Blue, Grey

Demin, Orange, Khaki


Cadence Sensor

Torque Sensors




Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Payload Capacity




2 years

2 years


$999 (Black Friday Price)

$1,399  (Black Friday Price)

Deep Dive into the Features of Mesa Lite Ebike

Firstly let's talk about the Mesa Lite electric bike. If you are looking for a simple but reliable way of commuting around the city, Mesa Lite may be the best choice. Mokwheel offers three colors, Sage, Sky Blue, and Grey. All of these colors are unique and attractive. The price bracket of Mesa Lite is $1199 with free shipping and two years of warranty.

Mesa Lite has a streamlined design with front fork shock absorbers to make the ride comfortable and smoother. This ebike is equipped with LG 36V14.7A battery capacity which is enough for a 350-watt motor to achieve a longer range of 50 miles in a single charge. All you need is to use the thumb throttle which is safer and more comfortable than the half-twisted throttle to achieve 28 mph speed with peddle assistance as it has an aluminum Shimano derailleur. This can easily adjust in multiple places to achieve the right speed at certain levels. Besides this, the installation and maintenance are super easy for its users.

Mesa Lite has a cadence sensor that collects the number of pedal rotations per minute (RPM). This sensor has a link with the motor of the electric bike that ensures enough power to the bike. Moreover, this electric bike has a multifunctional digital speedo-meter that provides details of battery speed and speed class.

A Detailed Look at the Specs of Asphalt

Now allows us to shift our cognizance to the Asphalt model. This city ebike is designed with strength and efficiency in mind. The Asphalt is ready with a torque sensor, making sure that you may address even the toughest city streets without a problem. With its strong body and durable additives, this ebike is constructed to resist the wishes of city commuting.

In Asphalt there is a bigger battery of LG 48V 14.7Ah with battery management system (BMS) technology that guarantees higher battery life with a longer range of 50 to 60 miles in a single charge. The Asphalt electric bike has a 500-watt motor making it a powerful urban commuter giving the top speed of 28mph. Like Mesa Lite this ebike also has a Shimano derailleur to provide smoother and accurate level shifting. Asphalt has a thumb throttle system that is considered to be more safer and comfortable in long time rides to avoid wrist strain. In Asphalt you will have three unique color options Denim, Orange, and Khaki.

Comparing Mesa Lite and Asphalt - What Sets Them Apart?

When you are selecting between Mokwheel's Mesa Lite and Asphalt, there are some differences to keep in mind. Firstly, in Mesa Lite there is a 36V 14.7ah battery while in Asphalt you will get a 48V 14.7ah battery. Secondly, the power of the motor is also different in Mokwheel’s both models. Mesa Lite has 350 watts motor and Asphalt has 500 watts powerful motor. Thirdly, the range of Asphalt is about 10 miles longer than the Mesa Lite ebike. Lastly, there is the difference in sensors as Mesa Lite has a cadence sensor but Asphalt comes with a torque sensor.

All of the above-mentioned differences set these models apart as you know a good ebike should have three basic elements like bigger battery, a powerful motor, and a longer range. So the asphalt has a clear win over all of these three deciding factors. It is a good choice for people who like more throttle torque and want to achieve a longer range. But you should bear in mind that asphalt will cost $400 more on your budget.

Apart from the differences both city ebikes come with Mokwheel’s 2-year warranty with 15 days trial. This means you can return the ebike within 15 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. Moreover, Mokwheel provides free shipping if you are purchasing online.

How to Decide the Best Model for Your Urban Commute

Until now you have been completely familiar with the pros and cons of these commuter ebikes. Whether you choose Mesa Lite or Asphalt both electric bikes both provide top-notch features in this price range. When we talk about the budget series step through ebike Mesa Lite is a perfect example. It comes only at $999 now, equipped with a 350-watt motor giving a range of approximately 50 miles. 

However, if you have a good budget you should go for Asphalt. Because it has a slight upper hand on Mesa Lite. You will enjoy good torque and power in Asphalt. Besides this Asphalt also has a Bigger battery with a longer range. So if your usage is more than normal and want high-power torque, go for Asphalt as Mesa Lite is perfect for daily usage. Don't miss out on our irresistible Black Friday offers – click here to explore now!

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