Mokwheel e-Bikes, the sustainable way

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Mokwheel e-bikes are your step into the future of road transport. Whether it’s a short scoot to work, seeing friends, or weekend biking plans, Mokwheel e-Bikes are here to set you in style through different terrains with sustainability.

Embrace The Sustainable Commute

Imagine a world where the roads look calm even with traffic zooming past. The usual bulky fuel vehicles aren’t there but quicker, non-polluting, and elegant battery-powered vehicles like Mokwheel e-bikes may clad the road. In this mix, Mokwheel e-bikes make up your inter-urban quick commute network as zero-carbon emitting vehicles and help you effortlessly become sustainable.

With Mokwheel you can top your commuting game even while carrying your shopping baggage and bring your comfy-commute dreams alive. Become independent of the stuffy public transport and fuming traffic with the techy and efficient Mokwheel e-Bikes that will stand with pride in your garage without being harsh on your wallets. And not to mention, no future fuelling needs. Mokwheel-ing as a non-polluter in this sustainable world can become your forte.


The Urban Glamour of Mokwheel

Immerse into the Mokwheel feel with a rider-friendly design that helps you develop a sense of ownership and form a technological partnership for breezy and timely rides. The working dynamics of the Mokweheel e-Bike enable you to sift through your neighborhood roads with an elegant riding stance.

Mokwheel e-Bikes provide the right cocktail of riding experiences. With designs that suit folks in the 5’3” to 6’4” height range, maneuvering becomes natural for a variety of riders. A firm but lightweight structure of the Mokwheel flows along while pushing around for parking and charging.

The Mokwheel e-Bike’s design inherits the V-finish Diamond and Complete Diamond bi-cycle body frames creating a sleek and sporty outlook apparelled with black streaky battery fittings. The 26” X 4” thick and sturdy tire couple displays a rugged base topped by elegant Velo Seat Saddles to enhance seating comfort.

Mokwheels rejuvenate within mere 6-9 hours of charging with the US Standard 2.0A Charger keeping them on their marks to hit the roads. At a speed of 20 MPH, Mokwheel e-Bikes score 35 to 60 Miles of distance with the power of a 48v 20Ah Samsung Lithium Battery. An M5 LCD accompaniment prompts the riders to visualize a fine cruise, donning the urban commute with prestige.


Mokwheel’s Mechanisms And Nuances

Riders become quickly smart with Mokwheel’s workings as they pick up on the features like easy pedaling, steering, and a smooth start-stop-start. A good freewheeling capacity with the Shimano 7 Speed hooks the rider to a rich ride.

Adjustable seat heights between 28" to 36.5" and a convenient handlebar reach rests the riders at comfortable inclinations while a Front Fork Suspension cushions the riders' arms for fluent steering. A 46” wheelbase subsequently achieves ergonomic accuracy for riders even with their baggage at a maximum loading of 400 lbs.

Soon, all Mokwheel e-Bikes will sport the 20 Ah batteries having the edge over our competitors. So don’t think twice, but amp up your commutes in style with Mokwheel e-bikes!

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