Mokwheel Asphalt ST vs. Aventon Level 2 ST vs. Radcity 5 Plus Step-Thru: Which E-bike is Right for You?

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With its 500W motor and upgraded torque sensor, Mokwheel Asphalt has captivated the eyes of urban commuters worldwide. Its aerodynamic design, and Mokwheel’s trademark quality add cherry on the top. However, urban commuters often put Asphalt in a contest with Aventon’s Level 2 and Radpower’s Radcity 5 Plus. 

The choice appears difficult at first, and an in-depth review can help you decide the winner. Let’s compare Mokwheel’s Asphalt ST vs Aventon’s Level 2 ST vs Radpower’s Radcity 5 Plus ST, and decide on the better bike.

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Features And Electric Comparison

Selecting an electric bike requires detailed research into its technical components, their costs, and durability. Buyers wish to select an e-bike with innovative features and long durability. Here is a comparison table for the important electrical features of Asphalt ST, Level 2 ST, and Radcity 5 Plus ST.

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Aventon Level 2

Radcity 5 plus





12 magnet cadence

Asphalt and Level 2 have an advanced torque sensor, which enhances their riding experience and provides better speed control. Radcity 5 Plus has a cadence sensor that engages the motor as you pedal.


500 W

500 W

750 W

Although Radcity 5 Plus has a higher-rated motor, their website suggests the original output will be lower in regular riding conditions. Mokwheel Asphalt ST's motor has higher efficiency that enhances your range and pedal assistance.

Top Speed

28 mph

28 mph

20 mph

Mokwheel's Asphalt uses high-grade components and aerodynamic structure, which enhances the e-bike's acceleration and top speed. In contrast, Radcity 5 Plus has a high-speed limit of 20 mph.

Battery(Integrated Battery)

705.6 W

672 W

589-672 W

Asphalt ST leads its contestants in terms of battery performance. The e-bike uses LG cells, which are popular for their longevity. Level 2 and Radcity share similar battery strengths.


up to 60 miles

45-55 miles

28-45 miles

With an efficient motor and a higher-powered battery, Mokwheel Asphalt promises a higher range that lets you travel on the go. In contrast, Radcity Plus 5's range is lower due to its lower efficiency motor.

Pedal Assist

5 levels

5 levels

5 levels

All e-bikes share 5 pedal assistance levels; however, as they have different accelerations and sensors, the benefit of 5 pedal assist levels is optimized while riding Asphalt or Level 2.

In terms of features, Mokwheel emerges as the top contender, followed by the Aventon Level 2 in second place. Asphalt boasts an extended range, improved battery life, and superior acceleration. Its features enhance the urban commuting experience. The central LED console is an added advantage as it provides important information, such as PAS, speed, range, and trip, at a single glance.

The inclusion of a torque sensor engages motor assistance based on rider’s pedaling to prevent rider fatigue after prolonged use. Mokwheel's components have garnered a strong reputation in the market for their durability and longevity.

Mechanical Comparison

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Aventon Level 2

Radcity 5 plus



TEKTRO Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes are efficient and responsive at top speeds. However, Mokwheel holds an advantage with its Tektro brakes. Tektro is a renowned manufacturer of brakes for E-bikes, and its inclusion in Asphalt enhances brake responsiveness and durability.


100mm Adjustable Suspension

Coil Spring Suspension- 65 mm

Spring fork- 50 mm travel

Fork suspension plays a critical role in determining your bike's stability and smoothness on uneven surfaces. A longer fork length improves its ability to absorb bumps. Asphalt takes the lead with its 100 mm adjustable forks, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for its users.


Thumb Throttle

Thumb Throttle

Half twist throttle

Using a half-twist throttle for an extended period can cause discomfort in the rider's wrist. A thumb throttle, on the other hand, is an innovative solution that allows you to accelerate your ebike using a thumb lever. Both Mokwheel's Asphalt and Aventon Level 2 models come equipped with a thumb throttle for added comfort.


Shimano 7-Speed

8 Speed

Shimano 7-Speed

Aventon Level 2 features an 8-speed gear system. compared to Asphalt and Radcity 5 plus. However, Asphalt and Radcity 5 use Shimano gearing, regarded as 'premium' within the ebiking community. Shimano gears are reputed for a smoother and more stable ride, without requiring repairs.Hence, Shimano gearing will provide an additional benefit for city commuters. 


Mocha, Lapis, White

Grey, Glacier

White, Black, Orange

The color choices in Asphalt stand out from its contestants. Blue/Lapis has a unique shade that attracts viewers from a distance. We added to it our collection after rising demands from our users.  

The mechanical components of an ebike are just as crucial as its electrical elements. Ebike brakes must be responsive to ensure a safe riding experience for users. Similarly, the suspension and gears must be selected optimally to guarantee a smooth and stable ride, especially at high speeds. 

Mokwheel's Asphalt takes a significant lead in terms of its suspension and brakes. The bike features hydraulic brakes and a 100 mm suspension, promising a comfortable ride during your urban commutes. Furthermore, the addition of a torque sensor enhances the overall riding pleasure significantly.

Among the other options, Level 2 and Radcity 5 Plus hold similar positions. Their suspension and user-friendliness are comparable, offering urban commuters the comfort of hydraulic brakes and an adjustable fork on their lightweight ebikes.

Physical Comparison

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Aventon Level 2

Radcity 5 plus



72.0" - 74.0"



Mokwheel's Asphalt is designed with an optimized length to create a comfortable riding position and enhance aerodynamics for quicker acceleration.


5’2” - 6’6”

5'3"- 6'4"

5'4" - 6'5"

Among the contenders, Asphalt boasts the highest height range, making it suitable for a broader audience. Asphalt ST uses specifically designed components that can be adjusted to accommodate riders of various heights. 


60 lbs

62 lbs

65 lbs

All of our contestants are lightweight electric bikes, resulting in similar weights across the board.

Carry Capacity

300 lbs

300 lbs

275 lbs

Mokwheel's Asphalt stands out with the best carry capacity to weight ratio, making it suitable for a wider range of riders and enabling the transportation of additional weight.

Rear Rack




All three of the mentioned lightweight electric bikes come equipped with a rear rack, allowing you to carry additional cargo during your excursions. The rear rack weight capacity ranges from 40 lbs to 60 lbs.





Despite its impressive features, components, and structural advantages, Mokwheel is priced approximately 25% lower than Radcity 5 Plus and about 15% cheaper than Level 2.

In our Mokwheel vs. Aventon vs. Radpower physical comparison, Mokwheel's Asphalt takes the lead once again due to its intuitive design, length, and weight. This ebike follows a well-thought structure that enhances its suitability for riders of different heights. The ebike also has an ergonomic saddle that keeps you comfortable during long riding spans. While Radcity 5 Plus and Aventon Level 2 share a similar design philosophy, there is room for improvement in accommodating a broader range of heights.

When it comes to making the purchase decision, price becomes a critical factor. Mokwheel's Asphalt stands out with a significant price advantage over its competitors. Click here to check out Mokwheel’s current deals.

Conclusion: Which E-bike is Right for You?

After our thorough analysis, it is fair to say that Aventon Level 2 ST and Radcity 5 Plus ST are decent ebikes, offering good riding opportunities for urban commuters. However, the clear winner of our comparison is the Mokwheel Asphalt ST. 

Whether you consider the quality of electrical components, innovative features, or its dynamic structure, Mokwheel Asphalt has a substantial lead over other lightweight electric bikes.

What's even more exciting is the ebike's affordable price; Asphalt ST offers the best value for money with its remarkable torque sensor, 500 W motor, and long-range battery. This ebike upholds our trademark quality and style and is currently available at a discounted price for a limited time. Get your Asphalt ST now!

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