Introducing Mokwheel Basalt in Jungle Camo: Conquer All Terrains with Style and Innovation

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When it comes to all-terrain electric bikes, everyone wants the perfect combination of power, excitement, and style. Well, the Mokwheel Basalt has stepped up and hit all the right notes. Imagine a ride where you get not only an awesome 750 W motor but also thrilling 4.0” wide tires that make you feel like you can conquer anything. But let's not forget, the Basalt has revolutionized into a bolder style.

We are set on making an electric bike that not only performs like a champ but also matches your unique style. Guess what? The Basalt just took things up a notch with the super cool Jungle Camo color option. The new color is more than just a visual transformation – it’s a nod to the diverse tastes and preferences of riders and enthusiasts who seek a harmonious blend of quality and style. 

Mokwheel Basalt in Jungle Camo

The new Basalt model is now available in three colors, catering to a wide array of preferences. The electric fat-tire mountain bike continues to feature its hallmark puncture-resistant tires, ensuring your ability to navigate even the most rugged terrains without worry.

Enhancing your riding experience, the bike includes an adjustable seat and fork suspension, guaranteeing a comfortable journey regardless of the unevenness of the surface beneath you. Notably, the updated model also incorporates a torque sensor, elevating the stability of your ride to an entirely new echelon. 

If you're in the market for electric bikes for sale, a Mokwheel Basalt should undoubtedly stay on your radar. For ebike enthusiasts seeking to explore all types of terrain, this electric bike stands as an absolute haven. Let's now delve into the finer details to uncover more about the e-bike's array of features, specifications, and advantages.

Technical Specifications




750W brushless rear hub motor


Grey, Blue Steel, Jungle Camo 


48V 19.6Ah Samsung battery


Up to 60-80 miles

Top speed

28 mph

Pedal assist levels



LED integrated color display

Torque Sensor



Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes


26x4.0" Chaoyang puncture resistant fat tires


110mm adjustable front suspension


6061 aluminum alloy


79 pounds


400 pounds

Other features

Integrated headlight, taillight, fenders, kickstand

The Mokwheel Basalt was born from the aspiration to create an all-terrain electric bike that caters to a wide audience. It needed to possess a rugged aesthetic to attract off-roading enthusiasts and stand out from other ebikes in the market. Hence, we made the decision to introduce the exclusive color: Jungle Camo. The color gives a spirited look to the Basalt, and its style depicts the ebike’s capability as a mountain bike.

Bike’s Frame

The ebike's frame remains unchanged, continuing to be an excellent fit for users of all types. It offers a minimum saddle height of 33.3" and a maximum height of 42.3". The standbar height adheres to the standard at 43.8", catering to the needs of most adults. Furthermore, the electric bike employs high-grade aluminum for its body, crankset, and derailleur, ensuring exceptional durability and a smooth ride.

Other Technical Details

The Mokwheel Basalt has garnered acclaim for its power, and the new model maintains the formidable 750 W motor capable of accelerating the bike to a maximum speed of 28 mph. Weighing approximately 79 pounds, this all-terrain electric bike has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. 

Another highly regarded feature is the Basalt's renowned 48V 19.6Ah battery, providing a remarkable maximum range of 80 miles. With the Basalt's inverter technology, the battery can even be used to charge other devices. 

If you fear the ebike’s battery might drain, you have the option to incorporate solar panel add-ons, enabling you to recharge your ebike while on the move. The potential is boundless; let's now explore the distinctive features of the Mokwheel Basalt and be astounded by the ebike's capabilities.

Exciting Features

The Mokwheel Basalt stands out as one of the premier all-terrain electric bikes, boasting the latest features and technology that contribute to its status as a highly valuable investment.

Torque Sensor

We have set a new precedent for other fat tire ebikes with Basalt’s remarkable innovation. The latest Basalt models are now equipped with a high-quality torque sensor, a feature aimed at significantly enhancing the rider's experience. 

Mokwheel's torque sensor detects the rider's pedaling efforts and provides seamless assistance to match their pace. This technology empowers the rider to maintain complete control over their speed and relish the sensation of riding a conventional bike. Our customers have praised the addition; a reviewer wrote that the torque sensor allows them to pedal alongside their grandkids. Others have also shared heart warming experiences.

Jungle Camo

For an off-road bike, the visual aesthetic is just as crucial. The recently introduced Jungle Camo color variant boasts a captivating fusion of brown, gray, green, and related shades. Since its debut in August 2023, our customers have loved the color. The saddle and handlebar sport a metallic black hue that beautifully complements the overall color scheme of the ebike. 

Most other companies haven’t ventured into similar color palettes, making your Jungle Camo Basalt a true standout that is bound to catch eyes and draw compliments. However, if you prefer the classic blue and gray options, you can still get them like before.

Power Station E-Bike

Historically, the most significant challenge of taking an electric bike on off-road excursions was figuring out how to accommodate the weighty power station and generator required for extended trips. RVers were often constrained because these appliances couldn't be powered otherwise. We worked for a solution, and eventually came up with a remarkable ebike feature. 

The Basalt introduces a groundbreaking concept as the first power station ebike, featuring an integrated add-on inverter. This inverter serves as a versatile solution, enabling you to charge appliances such as grills, fridges, laptops, and more. With a maximum power output of 1000 W, the inverter includes a variety of AC and DC ports to cater to different devices. 

Yet, the pinnacle of this innovation is Mokwheel's offering of solar panels that can seamlessly interface with the inverter to charge your bike. This innovation grants you the freedom to create enduring memories without the nagging concern of power-related issues.

Battery and Range

Our battery choice for the Basalt was Samsung 48V 19.6Ah; the battery is regarded for its exceptional longevity and durability. It provides a maximum range of 80 miles at pedal assist level 1; this range slightly decreases to 60 miles at the highest PAS setting. Notably, the Basalt boasts one of the most extensive ranges within the electric fat tire mountain bike category. 

In contrast, rival competitors typically offer an average range spanning between 40 to 50 miles. This places the Basalt in a league of its own, providing riders the freedom to enjoy their journey without the looming concern of a depleted battery. To facilitate quick charging, the all-terrain electric bike is paired with a 48V 3.0A charger, efficiently replenishing the battery within a matter of hours.

Brushless Rear Hub Motor

For an electric fat tire mountain bike to excel, a robust motor is imperative; it must effortlessly conquer hills and rugged terrain while ensuring a seamless ride for the cyclist. Mokwheel's Basalt boasts a formidable 750 W motor, delivering swift acceleration with remarkable efficiency. 

Independent tests have further confirmed its substantial potential. Positioned at the rear hub, this motor placement enhances both the ride's overall comfort and stability. Mokwheel's technical components have gained an industrial reputation for unwavering quality and durability, instilling confidence in their long-term performance.

Suspension Fork

The significance of a comfortable ride cannot be overstated; Mokwheel applies this principle by crafting e-bikes tailored to the needs of ebike enthusiasts. The Mokwheel Basalt is meticulously engineered, featuring a dependable suspension fork, shifter, derailleur, and gearing. 

The bike employs a 110mm Adjustable Suspension front fork, with a lockout lever enabling riders to fine-tune the suspension's responsiveness based on their weight and the terrain. Moreover, the Mokwheel Basalt incorporates a Shimano 7-speed gearing system and derailleur, renowned for their unwavering quality and reliability. 

These components ensure a steady and stable ride, even at higher speeds. The ergonomically designed saddle further contributes to the ride's comfort, enhancing the overall driving experience. Similarly, the electric bike's crankset and frame are meticulously designed to align with its off-road capabilities and capacity for high-speed performance.

Hydraulic Disc Brake and Tires

The safety of a high-powered bike hinges on efficient brakes. The Basalt model is outfitted with TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes, a notable improvement over their wired counterparts, which are susceptible to corrosion and fractures. 

Tektro's braking system is esteemed for its stability and effectiveness, ensuring a swift and responsive braking experience for your ebike. Tires and brakes go hand in hand; the Mokwheel Basalt is equipped with premium CHAOYANG 26x4.0” tires. These puncture-resistant tires not only facilitate confident navigation through off-road terrain but also elevate your arrival in a stylish manner.

Summary: Basalt in Jungle Camo

The Mokwheel Basalt has solidified its industrial reputation for its power, comfort, and reliability. The most noteworthy aspect of this electric fat tire mountain bike is its exceptional price point; If you're in search of electric bikes for sale, the Mokwheel Basalt stands as an ideal selection. This ebike delivers on every promise, exciting users for every next ride. The allure of the torque sensor and the latest camo color option awaits you. Waste no time; get your Basalt in jungle camo now!
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