Introducing Mokwheel Granite: The Ultimate Electric Tricycle for Adults

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Meet The Mokwheel Granite

Mokwheel is proud to present the Granite, a groundbreaking addition to the electric tricycle market designed specifically for adults seeking a blend of stability, performance, and convenience in urban mobility. In our commitment to innovation and quality, the Granite stands out as a pinnacle of engineering, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the modern urban adventurer.

Mokwheel Granite - electric tricycle

Central to the Granite's unparalleled performance is its powerful rear motor. Built to last, this durable and reliable motor offers consistent power, ensuring smooth rides across a variety of urban landscapes. Whether it's your daily commute or hauling heavy-duty cargo, the Granite's motor is designed for low maintenance and high efficiency, making every journey effortless.

Granite's powerful rear motor

The spacious rear rack of the Granite transforms this electric tricycle into a versatile cargo carrier. With the ability to transport everything from daily essentials to equipment for your weekend escapes, the Granite empowers you to bring along all that matters, without compromising on comfort or maneuverability.

Granite's spacious rear rack

Elevating your ride experience, the Granite features a high-resolution LED display, providing real-time updates on speed, distance, and battery life. This high-definition display ensures that you stay informed and in command at every moment, allowing for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Granite's high-resolution LED display

The Mokwheel Granite electric tricycle for adults is more than just a transportation solution—it's a gateway to exploring the urban landscape with confidence, efficiency, and style. Embrace the future of mobility with Granite and navigate your city's streets like never before. Now, let's dive deeper to explore it.

Granite's Price and Tech Specs




90 - 110 mm Adjustable


48V 15Ah


20" x 3"


48V 3.0A


Thumb Throttle


45~55 miles


LED Integrated

Hub Motor



7-speed Shimano

Payload Capacity


Bike Frame

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Recommended Rider Heights

5'0" ~6'2"


Hydraulic Brakes

Basket's Max Load

Front 55 lbs and Rear 220 lbs

Rear Two-Wheel Drive

1092W peak rear hub motor on a open differential axle



Crank Set


Granite’s core advantages

Powerful Rear Motor

Durable and reliable, our rear drive motor offers lasting performance with low maintenance, ideal for daily use and heavy-duty cargo.

Spacious Rear Rack

Our rear rack transforms your bike into a cargo powerhouse, enabling you to take everything from daily essentials to weekend getaway gear.

High-Resolution LED Display

Stay in command with our LED display, providing real-time updates on speed, distance, and battery life in high definition, ensuring you're informed at every moment of your ride.

Mokwheel Granite - electric fat tire tricycle for adults

Same Great Features

Easy Folding

Adding to the Mokwheel Granite's array of impressive features is its revolutionary easy folding design, engineered for the urban explorer who values efficiency and convenience. With the ability to transform from a robust electric tricycle to a compact, easily transportable size in just three simple steps, the Granite redefines mobility.

The quick-fold design enables the bike to be folded in 3 steps: release the lock of the handlebar, press down the folding latch, and hold down the little red button while breaking the bike in half, taking you only 10 seconds.

This feature is a game-changer for those with limited storage space or for adventurers who wish to transport their Granite in the back of a car or even on public transportation. The quick-fold design not only highlights the Granite's adaptability to the bustling urban environment but also its commitment to providing practical solutions that don't sacrifice performance for convenience. 

500W Brushless Motor

The motor has a power of 500W. It has a torque of 65Nm. Capable of carrying 350 lbs on rough roads and hills – smoothly and quickly.


The 48V 15Ah battery ensures long-lasting power, allowing for worry-free long rides. With its high capacity, it provides extended range and reliable performance for all your cycling adventures.

Rear Two-Wheel Drive

Experience the seamless maneuverability of the 1092W peak power rear hub motor, expertly integrated with an open differential axle. This advanced design allows each rear wheel to rotate at independent speeds, ensuring safe and effortless turning. Ideal for electric bikes, this setup enhances riding comfort by allowing for smoother navigation around corners without compromising on power.

High-Brightness Headlight

Our e-bike's front light brightens your way, ensuring visibility and safety at all times. Its high brightness and wide angle make every ride secure. 

Exceptional Power Transfer

Our 44T crankset is engineered for maximum power transfer from your legs to the pedals, with perfect synergy on all PAS levels.

Mokwheel Granite - electric tricycle for adults

Enhanced Riding Experience

Embark on a journey of comfort, control, and seamless mobility with the Mokwheel Granite, the electric tricycle designed with your ultimate riding pleasure in mind. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the Granite, ensuring an unmatched experience from start to finish.

Impact-free Ride

The Granite is meticulously equipped with an advanced damping and spring system, engineered to absorb shocks and vibrations, providing you with a ride that's not just smooth, but controlled and responsive. Tailor your suspension settings to perfectly match your riding style and the specific demands of your terrain, ensuring a harmonious ride that feels like gliding on air.

Precision Control

Designed with a sleek and compact form, the Granite enhances your bike’s aesthetics while prioritizing functional simplicity. The reduction of clutter on your handlebars translates to a more focused and unobstructed riding experience, allowing for intuitive control and a heightened sense of freedom as you navigate through the urban landscape.

Seamless Acceleration

At the heart of the Granite’s intuitive design is our thumb throttle, offering you smooth and precise control over the tricycle’s power output. Accelerate effortlessly and maintain your desired speed with the simplest push of your thumb. This feature embodies our philosophy of seamless interaction with your vehicle, making every journey a joy.

Superior Comfort

Understanding the importance of comfort in enhancing your riding experience, the Granite features handles covered in soft, supple leather. This not only offers a comfortable and cushioned grip but also reduces fatigue during long rides. The result is a consistently pleasant journey, whether you’re weaving through city streets or embarking on longer, scenic routes.


The Mokwheel Granite is not just an electric tricycle; it’s a testament to how cutting-edge technology, thoughtful design, and a rider-centric approach can transform your mobility into an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is efficient. Embrace the future of urban exploration with the Granite, where every ride is an adventure waiting to unfold. 

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