Follow the Green Light Trails: e-bikes and the environment

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The 21st century reached many technological milestones in the field of transportation. The way we commute has been completely revolutionized through high-tech advancements. But amid all the loud cheers, there were deafening silences that are now difficult to ignore. Increased reliance on fuel oil has upset the ecological balance. Thus, it is time that the focus shifted on swift, efficient, and eco-friendly means of transportation.

E-bikes are a part of this movement. They were not recent in origin, and in fact, they have been around since the last 19th century. In the 1890s, many patents were granted to several inventors of electric bicycle engines in the United States. Subsequently, in 1920, a German company mass-produced electric motors for bikes. Similar developments were made, but traditional bikes were always the preferable option. Finally, it took an oil crisis in 1973 and multiple environmental agreements for the governments and companies to acknowledge ecological limits.


Experts suggest that current climatic changes are unprecedented and humans must change the way they live. E-bikes aren’t the only solution but are certainly one of the most important ones. They encourage individuals to switch to electrically powered bikes that enhance accessibility, reduce carbon footprints, ensure safety, and create room for cost-cutting. How? Well, you will know!

E-bikes offer zero emissions and rely on electric energy supplied by a rechargeable battery. On the other hand, an average fuel-powered vehicle produces as many as 6 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. In the United States, a study showed that e-bikes were at least 18 times more energy-efficient than SUVs. In the United Kingdom, the sale of all fuel-powered cars is to be banned by 2035. This has encouraged people to transition to e-bikes.

E-bikes come with intelligent designs that enable riders to have a smooth experience. They come fitted with lithium-ion batteries instead of lead batteries which are dangerous for the environment. Their design promotes eco-friendly travel. Of course, all of this leads to a better, healthy lifestyle for humans in several ways. A cleaner environment means reduced diseases, fit lifestyles, and a better distribution of natural resources. During this pandemic, e-bikes witnessed a spike in sales because of their impact on the environment. This allowed people to stay fit to prevent diseases, ultimately preventing COVID-19 from exploiting our vulnerabilities. 

For quite some time, e-bikes couldn’t attract much attention. However, we are a step closer to emptying the planet of its non-renewable resources. Although we have already contaminated the environment, we owe the responsibility to our future generations for a better environment. E-bikes are a big step towards that goal. Don’t leave behind a world that is nothing less than a gas chamber! There’s still time to undo the wrongs, and it all starts with you. How? Just get an e-bike already!

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