What is the Best Electric Bike? Where to Buy an Electric Bike?

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In recent years, electric bikes (e-bikes) have taken over the traditional bicycles. This rise is fueled by their advanced pedal assistance, enhanced comfort, innovative user-friendly designs, and a strong focus on safety. Ebikes are now highly sought-after vehicles for personal transportation. On one hand, the multitude of options available now offers greater choice. On the other, this abundance makes the purchasing decision more challenging for buyers. 

Considering that, this article is designed to help beginners in their buying decisions – a brief electric bike buying guide. We also spotlight the Mokwheel's electric bike, and channels you can use to purchase them.

What Is The Best Electric Bike To Buy?

When you are in the market for a new product, it’s natural to have aspirations and wishes linked to it. However, if the product doesn’t meet your expected needs, it can lead to disappointment. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s wise to thoroughly evaluate the options based on specific characteristics.

Mokwheel Obsidian - fat tire electric mountain bike

Things to Consider When Buying an Ebike

  • Design: When buying an ebike, first, consider the bike design. Step-through and step-over designs are common. The step-through is a low-height frame that is easy to get on and off. The step-over is a conventional bicycle with a central top tube. 
  • Performance: Riding performance also needs to be evaluated. You may judge it through motor power, battery, and suspension. Ebikes come in a range of powers, from 250W to 1000W. For daily commuting needs, a 500W motor is enough. While those looking to use it for outdoor adventures, choose 750W or higher. 
  • Suspension: Suspension-wise, ebikes have a front hydraulic suspension, full suspension, or fixed rigid fork. The first two handle uneven terrain better than a fixed fork. Prefer hydraulic suspension over a fixed fork, especially if you’re in search of an all-terrain ebike.  
  • Fire Tires: Do focus on tires as well. Thin tires are better for city riding; they work well on paved roads. While for rough-terrain or off-roading, look for ebikes with fat tires.  
  • Iinnovation: Most ebikes brands offer ebikes with pretty similar features, but some do offer new advanced tech features. For instance, Power station technology is unique in Mokwheel ebikes. It lets you transform an ebike into a power source, that can run various small appliances. You need to look for such distinct features that could add comfort and make riding more fun.
  • Price: Price also has a critical role in buying. However, it shouldn’t be the first consideration. First, gauge the bike’s offerings and then evaluate it based on price. Also, there are different types of electric bikes based on use cases; the prices vary among these types.  
  • For instance, commuter bikes are relatively cheaper than mountain ebikes. A commuter ebike is usually available for close to $1,000, but mountain or all-terrain bikes can have prices up to $3,000. Choose wisely according to your needs and budget.
  • User Reviews: Do consider user reviews; not just from the ebike site but from other online forums as well. See the product review videos. There, you can visually see the ins and outs of the bike.

Mokwheel Obsidian: The Best All-Terrain Ebike

If you ask for one powerful all-terrain bike, we would suggest Mokwheel Obsidian. It’s a futuristic and tech-rich bike, which offers ebike enthusiasts something new compared to other ebikes on the market.

Solar Charging

The first standout feature is its power station technology. Mokwheel takes pride in its a pioneer in converting electric cycles to power sources. Obsidian comes with a 1000W inverter that takes power from the bike’s battery and converts it into AC. This may be further used for powering electric gadget; be it a smartphone, laptop, coffee maker, or even electric grill. You may further pair it with a solar panel for unlimited energy. 

Mokwheel Obsidian - solar ebike


The next highlight is the 1000W hub motor, which makes Obsidian quite capable of traversing tough and uneven terrain. You can achieve a top pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph with an 8-speed Shimano derailed. 

A range of up to 80 miles is decent for long countryside and mountains. Plus, it can support a weight up to 400 lbs. You may get the additional rear rack and fully utilize the bike’s potential. 

The PAS system on Obsidian uses Torque sensors, which sense the actual torque applied by the user. Consequently, you get the exact amount of the power, which makes pedal assistance effective even if you’re crossing rough terrains or ascending a hill. 

Full Suspension

The full suspension (soft tail suspension) is rarely seen on ebikes. But Obsidian promises exceptional comfort and shock absorption with a full suspension system – a front travel hydraulic suspension underneath the handlebar and a spring shock absorber under the seat. 

The suspension is supported by fat tires (26 x 4”), which provide exceptional traction and grip, especially on unpaved paths. In short, it’s one of the best all-terrain bikes in the market. If you want an ebike for mountain biking, Obsidian may be the best choice.  

Other than Obsidian, we have a series of other ebikes. Each one suits to a different user. Check our ebike collections and pick the one that resonates with your needs. We typically sell ebikes in six categories: 

Where to Buy an Electric Bike?

Another question that most potential consumers ask is “Where to buy electric bike”. Currently, there are multiple channels: from local dealers and used markets to online official stores. 

Local Dealer

The first conventional choice is purchasing through local dealers. It’s advantageous in a way that you get to test the bike and see its performance. Also, you can receive personalized advice from the experts. But, in this case, you have to physically visit the store, which may be far from your residence. 

If you’re wondering about Mokwheel’s dealership, it’s spread across the United States. To easily find the Mokwheel store nearby, you can visit our official site, enter your zip code, and get the list of Mokwheel stores. 

Online Retailers

You can also buy electric bike online. When shopping on the web, you can check out the collection of ebikes from other brands as well. This means more choices in models, features, and prices. It’s convenient to – shop from anywhere, anytime.

However, you can’t test-ride the bike before buying. This makes it hard to know how the bike feels and performs. Also, advice and support might not be as personal as in a local store.

If you want to buy Mokwheel electric bikes online, please check out our latest ebike collections on our official website. Every highlight and specification is explicitly explained.

Second-Hand Market

For those with budget constraints, the second market is also on the cards. There, you may find rare or discontinued models. 

Since e-bikes wear and tear over time, used bikes may have internal issues. So, you need to be careful while purchasing. Make sure to get it checked by an expert before you purchase. 


Ebikes have become a trendy and saturated market. This variety, while exciting, underscores the importance of careful consideration of bike specifications. Potential buyers need to consider power, battery life, bike design, notable tech features, and most importantly, the price.

For the latest insights on the best ebikes, including the best-rated Mokwheel models, and current promotions, be sure to visit our website regularly. We provide comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and updates on the newest Mokwheel models and exclusive deals. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of ebikes, our site is your go-to resource for making an informed purchase decision. Don't miss out on the latest Mokwheel advancements and special offers!

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