Best Lightweight Electric Bike For Adults 2024

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The weight of the ebike itself is one of the key factors when we talk about riding speed and comfort. A lightweight bike is easy to handle, and store and offers aggressive riding, which most cyclists prefer. That’s why, we see a growing trend of lightweight electric bikes.

Considering that, in this article, we present the best lightweight electric bikes for seniors. These aren’t just lightweight but feature-filled too. 

What Is the Best Lightweight Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are generally heavier than conventional bicycles. This added weight is due to an additional motor and battery. However, we do see quite lightweight electric bikes in the market, but most of them come with comprise in features. For instance, to reduce weight, the size of the battery pack and motor power is largely reduced. Buying such electric bikes is not recommended as these features are essential to the electric bike experience. 

Nevertheless, some brands have innovatively decreased bike weight through structural modifications, like using lighter materials for the frame, such as carbon or aluminum. Such bikes weigh 60 – 65 lbs. – still heavier than traditional ones but lightweight compared to most electric bikes.

After research, we have identified the 3 best lightweight electric bikes: the Mokwheel Asphalt, RadPower RadCity 5 Plus, Aventon Level, and Aventon Level 2. These models exemplify the balance between reduced weight and retained functionality.

Mokwheel Asphalt VS Radpower Radcity 5 Plus VS Aventon Level VS Aventon Level.2

Instead of individually explaining each bike, we thought it would be easier for you to analyze the best lightweight electric bikes through a comparative review. 

Basic specifications

Let’s start by reviewing the basic specifications of each lightweight electric bike. 

Mokwheel Asphalt

Radpower Radcity 5 Plus

Aventon Level 2






60 lbs

65 lbs

62 lbs






48V 14.7Ah

589 Wh

48V 14Ah


50 – 60 miles

28 – 50 miles

Up to 60 miles

Payload Capacity

350 lbs

275 lbs

300 lbs

We see that Mokwheel Asphalt is the lightest of all electric bikes, weighing just 60 lbs. This amount of weight, housing a 500W and 48V 14.7Ah battery is possible due to excellent frame design and use of premium lightweight components. 

Despite being lightweight, Asphalt can hold a payload capacity of 350 lbs. The other two also fall in the lightweight category yet they are slightly heavier than Asphalt. 

An important point to note: in RadCity 5,  The battery size is significantly smaller than the other two electric bikes on our list.    

Mechanical Components 

Beyond weight, other features are important too i.e. the quality and type of mechanical components. In this segment, we do see some differences. we see a comprise on battery.

Mokwheel Asphalt

Radpower Radcity 5 Plus

Aventon Level 2

PAS Sensors





Tektro Hydraulic





100mm Adjustable

50mm Front travel

65mm front travel


27.5" x 2.4"

27.5" x 2.0"

27.5" x 2.1"


7-Speed Shimano

7-Speed Shimano Altus

8-Speed Shimano

The pedal assistance system (PAS) is a standout feature, limited to electric bikes only. Torque-based PAS systems provide a better riding experience by providing the right amount of torque needed to overcome an obstacle. Asphalt and Aventon Level 2 both have torque sensors. Whereas, RadCity comes with traditional cadence sensors, which are slightly less effective than torque sensors.

Tire size also impacts weight, so we see thin tires in lightweight electric bikes. That size is better for paved city roads. Mokwheel Asphalt does come with thin and large tires, but the tire width of 2.4 inches provides better traction, compared to 2.0-inch tires. 

All three bikes have front travel suspension; however, the amount of travel differs. Asphalt has the most flexible suspension with 100mm travel, which makes it capable of absorbing the sudden impact of potholes. 

Lightweight electric bikes reviews-Mokwheel Asphalt

Price and Service

The prices of all three bikes vary greatly. 

Mokwheel Asphalt

Radpower Radcity 5 Plus

Aventon Level 2






2 years

1 year

2 years






2 – 7 days

2 – 7 days

2 – 7 days

Mokwheel Asphalt is the cost-effective of all, with a price of $1,499, followed by Aventon Level 2 at $1,699. Despite its price tag, Asphalt excels in various segments – from tires and suspension to the battery.  

Mokwheel’s Lightweight Electric Bikes

From Asphalt, you may have got a hint of how feature-rich Mokwheel bikes are. Apart from our premium Asphalt, Mokwheel Mesa Lite is another lightweight electric bike.  

Mesa Lite comes at a budget-friendly price of $899, a perfect lightweight option for beginners. It's even lighter than Asphalt – weighs just 57 lbs. It has a 350W motor, and a 36V 14.7Ah battery, which are decent specifications for an ebike under $1,000.

It has a similar Aluminum 6061 frame, as in Asphalt. The tire size, front suspension, and brakes are also the same. Yes, we see a slight reduction in battery size and motor, but all other features stack up against the top lightweight electric bikes.  

3 other 57 lbs lightweight ebikes: Mesa Lite STMesa Lite 2.0Mesa Lite ST 2.0

Best lightweight electric bike-Mokwheel Mesa Lite Series

How to Choose A Lightweight Electric Bike?

Weight needs to be considered when buying. But it’s not the only thing that matters. You need to look at other performance features too. Motor power, battery performance, and tires are critical things to consider.

A 350W – 500W is best for lightweight bikes. Similarly, the battery size should be decent enough to provide a 50-miles power range. Prefer larger and wider tires.

Apart from these features, do factor in the design: how it makes the rider feel comfortable, whether is it easy to get on and off, and how solid the frame is.

Lastly, make sure to check user reviews and the brand’s reputation in the market. Good customer support and service can enhance your overall experience with the bike. 


We have mentioned some top lightweight ebikes you could buy in 2024. Each selected bike is a blend of lightness, speed, and power.  

After a detailed comparison of all these bikes, we see Mokwheel electric bikes shine due to their light nature and versatility. Mokwheel Asphalt leads the pack as the premium lightweight bike with all high-end features. While Mesa-Lite series are a solid choice for beginners those with budget constraints. 

Mokwheel is holding a Winter Warm-Up Sale, if you are shopping for electric bicycles, we not only are there a variety of electric bike categories, but there are also surprise offers waiting for you.

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