Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024

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Riding or cycling on a mountain is different from flat tracks. You may find uneven paths, steep slopes, and tight curves. Such as adventurous journeys demand specialized mountain electric bikes. The ebikes with enhanced suspension, more power, control, and fat tires – features uncommon in simple electric bikes.

In search of such ebikes? If so, we have something that might interest you.  This article highlights the top 3 full suspension electric mountain bikes on the market. It also unveils the key factors you need to consider in an ebike. Let’s find a companion for your next off-road riding!

What is the Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

An electric full suspension mountain bike is designed for an entirely different riding experience. Firstly, it has a full suspension system (front and rear), also called soft-tail suspension. Moreover, it’s equipped with fat tires that provide increased road traction. More, importantly, it has more motor power, which provides a decent amount of torque for ascending the slope.

When buying a full suspension electric mountain bike, prioritize these features. With all these factors in mind, we have shortlisted three electric bikes with 3 electric full suspension mountain bikes that you can buy in 2024: Mokwheel Obsidian, Himiway Cobra, and Cyrusher Range.

Mokwheel Obsidian VS Himiway Cobra VS Cyrusher Range

Instead of individually explaining three electric full suspension bikes, we think a comparative review of these three ebikes would help better analyze the specifications and choose one for your needs. 

Basic Specs Comparison 

Here’s a simplified overview of all three electric bikes with full suspension:

Basic Specs

Mokwheel Obsidian

    Himiway Cobra

      Cyrusher Range





Motor Power




Top Speed

28 mph

25 mph

28 mph


48V 19.6Ah

48V 20Ah

52V 20Ah


Up to 80 miles

Up to 70 miles

Up to 50 miles

For an electric bike, particularly a mountain bike, motor power is the key performance indicator. Higher power means more capability to run over tough terrain and ascend mountains. Out of the three ebikes, Obsidian leads with a 1000W rear hub motor, which is quite capable of tackling rocky paths. Both Himiway and Cyrusher ranges are just behind with 750W, which is also a decent power.

In an adventurous journey, like mountain riding, you need a companion that keeps pushing till the end. It’s the battery’s assistance that keeps you moving seamlessly. Usually, a larger watt-hour battery provides more range.  

Cyrusher range does have the largest battery (52V 20Ah) on paper, but that doesn’t translate in its range. Cobra and Obsidian have similar-sized batteries, but Obsidian offers a range of up to 80 miles. That’s because its battery is UL-2271 and more efficient.

Thanks to the unique power station technology, Mokwheel’s battery also turns into a powerhouse. With a 1000W inverter, you can use your bike’s battery to power and run any electric appliance under 1000 watts. Mokwheel is the pioneer of power station technology and we have 4 solar charging ebike models, Obsidian, Basalt, Basalt ST and Scoria

Mokwheel Obsidian-full suspension fat tire electric bike

Technical Details 

Further, we have technical details i.e. specifications that are primarily of more significance in full suspension electric bikes:

Mokwheel Obsidian

Himiway Cobra

Cyrusher Range

Front Fork

130 mm adjustable

95 mm front travel


Shock Absorber

Air Rear Shock

Air Rear Shock

Rear-Air Suspension


8-speed Shimano rear derailleur

Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 9-speed


Tekro Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes

Logan Hydraulic Disc.


26 x 4”0

26 x 4.8”

26 x 4 tires

Weight Capacity

400 lbs

400 lbs

330 lbs

Bike Weight

77 lbs

88 lbs

90 lbs

Full suspension is a necessity in mountain electric bikes. This suspension comprises of front fork suspension under the handlebar and a rear shock absorber underneath the seat. In all three, we see a similar configuration of suspension. However, the technical specifications vary.

Mokwheel Obsidian, again leads with, a 130mm front travel suspension; this range of flexibility more resistance to shocks and better traction on rocky. It’s accompanied by rear DNM air shock, which can absorb a maximum pressure of 270 psi. Cyrusher range doesn’t specify the detailed specifications of their suspension system. While in Cobra, we have a 95 mm front travel suspension and air shock absorber. 

Tires complement the full suspension system. All three on our list are full suspension fat tire electric bikes. However, we see slight variation in sizes. Himiway Cobra has the widest tires, 26 x 4.8”. Whereas, Obsidian and Cyrusher have the same dimension tires. Obsidian tires are considerably better than the two as they are puncture-resistant as well. 

Brakes are an equally important aspect, especially, when you’ve to make sudden stops. The best part is all three ebikes have hydraulic brakes, which are known to be quite responsive. Obsidian’s Tektro E-350 hydraulic brakes shine among the three. 

Price and Service

Yes, the technical specifications are important. But, in the end, it all boils down to price – how well the electric bike is priced based on its offerings:

Mokwheel Obsidian

Himiway Cobra

Cyrusher Range









Trial and Return

15 days

14 days

14 days

Processing Time

48 hours

2 – 5 working days

Up to a week

Obsidian has the lowest price, followed by Himiwary Cobra, while Cyrusher is relatively expensive. But if we look at the mechanical details (brakes, tires, suspension, and power station technology), Mokwheel Obsidian offers quite a lot in the competitive price range. 

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Mokwheel electric mountain bike full suspension review

Key Points for Buying A Full Suspension Mountain Electric Bike

When buying any electric full suspension mountain bike for sale, make sure to consider the basic design and performance features like:

  • Motor Power: Opt. for higher power for better performance.
  • Battery: Choose a high-capacity battery for extended range.
  • Tires: Look for thick, fat tires, ideally over 4.0 inches.
  • Full-Suspension: Ensure both front and rear suspensions are robust.
  • Hydraulic Brakes: Prioritize a strong hydraulic braking system.

Apart from that, consider customer reviews, pre-sale and after-sale services like how easy it is to order. What’s the processing time? How is the product delivered? What’s their return and warranty policy? 


We have covered the top electric mountain bikes you can buy. All three ebikes share similar features, for instance, they all have full suspension, fat tires, and hydraulic brakes. 

However, when choosing one, Mokwheel Obsidian outshines the two models due to its motor, better suspension, puncture-resistant tires, comprehensive range, and unique, one-of-a-kind, power station technology.

If you’re interested in getting your Mokwheel ebike, we are launching a winter warm-up sale and many surprises are waiting for you.

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