Electric Mountain Bikes for Hunting 2024

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In this era of innovation, electric hunting bikes (ebikes) have emerged as indispensable tools for the modern hunter. These machines are designed to enhance the hunting experience, providing a stealthy, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to traverse vast expanses of nature. Whether you're tracking small game like fish and rabbits or aiming for larger prey such as deer and hogs, an ebike can transform your hunting journey.

Electric hunting bikes offer numerous advantages, catering to hunters of all ages and abilities. Their electric motors allow for silent movement through the woods, ensuring you remain undetected by wildlife. This stealth factor, combined with the ability to cover more ground without physical strain, ensures hunters can conserve their energy for when it matters most. 

Identifying the perfect electric hunting bike can be a daunting task, given the myriad of options available. To aid in your selection, we've curated a list of the top 6 electric hunting bikes for 2024, evaluating them based on specifications, performance, and value for money.

  • Mokwheel Obsidian
  • Mokwheel Basalt
  • Himiway Cobra
  • Cyrusher Range
  • Aventon Aventure.2
  • Himiway Zebra

    Elevate Your Hunting Game with Electric Mountain Bikes

    With advancements in technology and a growing appreciation for the stealth and efficiency these bikes offer, here are compelling reasons to choose an electric mountain bike for your next hunt:

    Silent Stalk, Better Odds

    The silence of an ebike is its greatest asset in the wild. Its quiet motor ensures you move through the terrain unnoticed, drastically reducing the chance of spooking game. This stealth approach increases your odds of a successful hunt.

    Go Further, See More

    Electric bikes revolutionize how you cover ground. With the ability to easily traverse wider areas, ebikes expand your hunting territory, granting access to spots far beyond the reach of on-foot hunters.

    Save Energy for the Hunt

    Conserve your physical strength for what matters. Ebikes take the strain off traveling, allowing you to reserve your energy for tracking and making that critical shot.

    Minimize Your Scent Trail

    Moving on an ebike reduces the amount of human scent you leave behind compared to walking, giving you a significant stealth advantage. This lesser scent signature helps you blend into the natural surroundings, unnoticed by prey.

    Quick Access to Remote Spots

    Ebikes provide swift passage to secluded areas that might be tough to reach on foot. This quick access can be crucial in getting you to prime hunting grounds before anyone else.

    Carry Gear Without the Burden

    Modern electric hunting bikes are equipped with racks and storage, simplifying the task of transporting gear, weapons, and supplies. This means you can bring along everything you need without feeling weighed down.

    Tread Lightly on Nature

    Opting for an ebike is a nod to environmental consciousness. These electric-powered vehicles offer a green alternative to gas-guzzlers, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the hunting grounds for future generations.

    Master Any Terrain

    Designed to conquer the wild, electric hunting bikes boast sturdy tires and frames capable of handling a variety of landscapes, from rocky paths to muddy trails.

    Extend Your Time in the Field

    The boost from an ebike's motor means you can hunt longer and cover more territory without fatigue, maximizing your time spent in pursuit of game.

    Add Adventure to Your Hunt

    Beyond their practical benefits, ebikes bring an element of excitement and exploration to hunting, allowing you to discover new territories with the thrill of the ride.

    Electric Mountain Bike Models for Hunting

    As you explore the options for electric mountain bikes in 2024, remember that the best choice is one that aligns with your specific hunting needs, seamlessly blending performance, comfort, and environmental consideration. Let's find your perfect match:

    Mokwheel Obsidian: Ultimate Off-Road Ebike for Hunting Enthusiasts

    • Top Speed: 28 mph  
    • Stated Range: 60-80 miles  
    • Motor Power: 1000W  
    • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs  
    • Solar Charging: Yes
    • Battery Size: 48V 19.6Ah  
    • Price: $2,199  

    The Mokwheel Obsidian emerges as the premier choice for hunters seeking unparalleled performance in the great outdoors. Priced at $2,199, this ebike stands out with its potent 1000W motor and expansive 60-80 mile range, ensuring you can pursue game far and wide without the worry of running low on power. The Obsidian's robust build supports a significant 400-pound payload, making it ideal for transporting hunting gear and game alike.

    Mokwheel Obsidian - all terrain electric bike for hunting

    Unique to the Obsidian is its solar charging capability, offering an eco-friendly option to recharge even in the remotest locations. Coupled with Tekro Hydraulic Brakes for unmatched stopping power and a 130mm adjustable suspension fork for a smooth ride across rugged terrains, this ebike is designed to enhance your hunting experience. 

    It's important to consider your specific hunting requirements, including terrain and local ebike regulations, when deciding if the Mokwheel Obsidian is the right match for you.

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    Mokwheel Basalt: Best Value Hunting Ebike Under $2000

    • Top Speed: Up to 28 mph  
    • Stated Range: 60-80 miles  
    • Motor Power: 750W  
    • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs  
    • Solar Charging: Yes
    • Battery Size: 48V 19.6Ah  
    • Price: $1,599  

    For hunters looking for exceptional value without compromising on performance, the Mokwheel Basalt is a standout. At $1,599, it offers many of the premium features of higher-priced models, including a substantial 60-80 mile range and a powerful 750W motor that can tackle steep inclines with ease. Like the Obsidian, it also features solar charging, hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping, and a 400-pound payload capacity for all your hunting gear.

    The Basalt sets itself apart with a slightly lighter frame for enhanced maneuverability and an adjustable 110mm suspension fork, ensuring comfort and control on uneven terrains. 

    While the Basalt offers a slightly less powerful motor compared to the Obsidian, it remains a compelling choice for hunters seeking a balance between cost and capability. Its performance and features are thoughtfully aligned with the needs of the modern hunter, making it an excellent option for those seeking quality and value in their hunting ebike.

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    Mokwheel Basalt - electric fat tire bike for hunting

    Himiway Cobra: The Robust Trail Navigator

    • Top Speed: 25 mph
    • Stated Range: Up to 70 miles
    • Motor Power: 1000W
    • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Solar Charging: No
    • Battery Size: 48V 20Ah
    • Price: $2,499

    The Himiway Cobra is a powerhouse with its 1000W motor and 70-mile range, perfect for tackling challenging terrains and hauling significant loads. Its 400 lbs payload and hydraulic brakes underscore its robustness for serious hunting excursions.

    At $2,499, the Cobra is on the higher end of the price spectrum, and its 88 lbs weight might pose challenges for transport. Additionally, the robust power might exceed local regulations in some areas, necessitating a check on local ebike laws.

    Cyrusher Range: The Speed and Style Maverick

    • Top Speed: 28 mph
    • Stated Range: 50~56 miles
    • Motor Power: 750W
    • Payload Capacity: 330 lbs
    • Solar Charging: No
    • Battery Size: 52V 20Ah
    • Price: $2,499

    The Cyrusher Range excites with its aesthetic appeal and 750W motor, achieving speeds up to 28 mph. Its design is matched by functionality, with Logan Hydraulic Disc brakes and a 52V 20Ah battery for reliable performance.

    Priced at $2,499, it's the most expensive option, with a 90 lbs weight that could hinder mobility. The bike's sophisticated design may demand higher maintenance, and its 330 lbs payload capacity might not suit all hunters.

    Aventon Aventure.2: The Value-Focused Performer

    • Top Speed: 28 mph
    • Stated Range: 60 miles
    • Motor Power: 750W
    • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Solar Charging: No
    • Battery Size: 48V 15Ah
    • Price: $1,999

    Offering a harmonious balance of features for $1,999, the Aventure.2 provides a 750W motor, 60-mile range, and a commendable 400 lbs payload, making it an excellent option for hunters seeking quality at a reasonable price.

    While it brings great value, its 48V 15Ah battery might offer less range compared to models with larger batteries, potentially limiting longer expeditions. The more affordable price point also means it may lack some of the premium features found in higher-priced models.

    Himiway Zebra: The Marathon Runner

    • Top Speed: Max 25 mph
    • Stated Range: 80 miles
    • Motor Power: 750W
    • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Solar Charging: No
    • Battery Size: 48V 20Ah
    • Price: $1,799

    The Zebra stands out for its incredible 80-mile range at an attractive price of $1,799. Coupled with a 750W motor and a 400 lbs payload capacity, it's designed for long-distance hunts without breaking the bank.

    While it excels in range and affordability, the Zebra's hydraulic brakes and overall build might not match the premium feel of more expensive bikes. Its max speed of 25 mph may also be a limiting factor for those seeking faster travel.

    Each of these electric hunting bikes brings something unique to the table, whether it's in terms of power, range, stealth, or carrying capacity. By considering your specific hunting needs and preferences, you can select an ebike that not only enhances your hunting experience but also respects the natural environment you're exploring.

    Choosing Your Hunting Companion: What to Look for in an Ebike

    When in the market for the best electric mountain bike for hunting, prioritize range, power, and affordability. Evaluate the bike's specifications, service support, and warranty to ensure it meets your hunting requirements. While a higher price tag doesn't always guarantee superior performance, investing in a quality bike can significantly enhance your hunting success.

    Be mindful of local regulations regarding electric bike usage, as laws vary by state concerning motor power and permissible riding areas. This awareness will ensure a seamless integration of your electric bike into your hunting practice.


    Remember, the right electric hunting bike can make all the difference in your next outdoor adventure, enabling you to cover more ground, remain discreet, and focus your energies on the hunt itself. Happy hunting! Visit our Mokwheel Sale to explore our ebike series.
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