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As we move through 2024, the electric off-road bike market has seen a significant expansion, not only in terms of technology and performance but also in accessibility and affordability. "How much are electric off-road bikes?" is a question many enthusiasts and potential new riders are asking. 

The answer varies widely, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars for entry-level models to several thousand for high-end bikes equipped with the latest technology in motor power, battery life, and suspension systems. This variance in price ensures that there is an electric off-road bike for every budget and requirement, making the thrill of off-road riding more accessible than ever before. This article will focus on the price and performance differences of different types of off-road electric bikes. Hurry up and find a cost-effective off-road electric bicycle that suits you.

How Much Do Electric Off-Road Bikes Cost?

Types of Electric Off-Road Bikes

In general, electric off-road ebikes are equipped with wider tires, high-performance batteries, and powerful motors. Some brands also incorporate advanced shock absorption and additional luggage capabilities to meet users' specific needs. Here are some examples of electric off-road bike types:

Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB): These are designed for trail riding, with features like knobby tires, front and rear suspension, and robust frames.

Electric Fat Bikes: Fat e-bikes have oversized tires (more than 4.0” wide), which provide excellent traction and stability on soft surfaces like sand, snow, or mud.

Electric Gravel Bikes: They have wider tires and often come with front suspension to handle gravel paths and rough terrain comfortably.

Electric Cyclocross Bikes: They have a lightweight frame, drop handlebars, and knobby tires, making them ideal for cyclocross races or mixed terrain adventures.

Electric Trail Bikes: These are versatile off-road e-bikes that offer a balance between trail and all-mountain riding. They usually have full suspension systems and are designed to handle a variety of off-road conditions.

As you may notice, the differences between various types of off-road ebikes are minimal; most of them share similar characteristics such as suspension, tires, and frames, making them highly versatile for both on-road and off-road terrains.

Price Range for Electric Off-Road Bikes

The price of electric off-road bikes can vary depending on several factors. Generally, you can find a good fat-tire ebike for $1,900 or more. Electric mountain bikes tend to be the most expensive type of off-road bikes due to their more powerful motors, which translate to higher cost.

Here are the price ranges for electric off-road bikes based on their types:

Electric Mountain Bikes: $6,000 to $10,000+

Electric Fat Bikes: $2,000 to $3,500

Electric Gravel Bikes: $3,000 to $6,000

Electric Cyclocross Bikes: $4,000 to $6,000

Electric Trail Bikes: $2,500 to $6,000

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Factors Affecting the Price of Electric Off-Road Bikes

The prices of off-road ebikes are generally determined by their features and specifications. Let's take a closer look at some crucial factors that contribute to the cost:

Motor: Mountain ebikes require higher-rated motors compared to other city commuter ebikes. Depending on the type, the motor may vary from 750W to as high as 1500+ W.

Battery Capacity: Ebike batteries are expensive, and a higher-rated battery results in a higher price.

Shock Absorption: Different suspension mechanisms, such as four-bar linkage, air rear shock, and damping technology, impact an ebike's price.

Brand: Like with other products, certain brands charge a premium for their features. Consequently, you may find ebikes with similar specifications from different brands retailing at different prices.

Understandably, an ebike's price is determined by a combination of its features and the brand's reputation. Therefore, the more advanced the features, the higher the price is likely to be.

Price Comparison with Traditional Off-Road Bikes

When thinking of electric off road ebikes, it's natural for riders to think of traditional off-road bikes, which are typically cheaper and do not require charging. However, the primary advantage of an off-road electric bike is its electrical assistance. 

The motor's power enables you to travel longer distances with your luggage. The shock absorption system and torque sensors provide a comfortable riding experience, enhancing the enjoyment of every moment during your ride. 

Moreover, some off-road ebikes, like the Mokwheel’s Basalt, offer power station capabilities that allow you to charge your ebike using solar energy and even power your appliances through it. Hence, choosing an electric off-road ebike is a more practical choice.

Off-Road Electric Bike Price And Performance Comparison




Himiway Cobra

Cyrusher Range






Solar Charging Capability





Hub Motor








48V 20Ah

52V 20Ah



77 lbs

88 lbs

90 lbs

Payload Capacity


400 lbs

400 lbs

330 lbs


Up to 28 mph

Up to 28 mph

25 mph

28 mph


60~80 miles

60~80 miles

Up to 70 miles

Up to 50 miles


7-speed Shimano

8-speed Shimano

Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 9-speed






Trial and Return

15 days

15 days

14 days

14 days

Processing Time

48 hours

48 hours

2 – 5 working days

Up to a week


Basalt offers the most affordable option at $1,699, making it suitable for budget-conscious consumers.

Obsidian and Himiway Cobra are priced in the mid-range at $2,299 and $2,199, respectively, catering to users seeking a balance between price and performance.

Cyrusher Range is the premium choice at $2,799, aimed at those who prioritize top-notch performance regardless of budget.

Learn more: Introducing Mokwheel Obsidian: Your Ultimate Softail Full Suspension Electric Bike

Mokwheel Obsidian-Solar charging electric off road bike

Solar Charging Capability

The solar charging capability of Basalt and Obsidian electric bikes introduces a distinctive selling point for these models compared to Himiway Cobra and Cyrusher Range. The solar charging feature potentially extends the range of Basalt and Obsidian, making them more suitable for extended outdoor activities where access to electrical outlets is limited or non-existent. This capability is particularly beneficial for touring, camping, or remote off-road cycling, offering riders more freedom and flexibility.

Motor and Power

Obsidian stands out with its 1000W motor, leading in terms of power output, which may offer better acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities.

Basalt, Himiway Cobra, and Cyrusher Range are equipped with 750W motors, standard for robust off-road performance but less powerful than the Obsidian.

Battery Capacity and Range

Cyrusher Range offers the highest battery voltage at 52V 20Ah, potentially providing longer range and more efficient power usage, especially on inclines.

Himiway Cobra slightly edges out Basalt and Obsidian with a 48V 20Ah battery, offering a balance between capacity and range.

Basalt and Obsidian feature 48V 19.6Ah batteries, suitable for significant ranges but slightly less than the Himiway Cobra in terms of capacity.

Weight and Payload

Cyrusher Range and Himiway Cobra are on the heavier side at 90 lbs and 88 lbs, respectively, which could impact portability but may also indicate a sturdier build.

Basalt and Obsidian are lighter, which might make them easier to handle and transport.

Payload Capacity: Basalt, Obsidian, and Himiway Cobra can support up to 400 lbs, indicating they are built to handle heavy loads. Cyrusher Range, despite its higher price, supports a slightly lower payload of 330 lbs, which may impact its suitability for heavier riders or those carrying more gear.

Speed and Derailleur

Speed: Basalt, Obsidian, and Cyrusher Range can reach speeds up to 28 mph, making them suitable for fast off-road riding. Himiway Cobra has a slightly lower top speed of 25 mph.

Derailleurs: Cyrusher Range features a 9-speed Shimano, offering the most gear variety for different terrains. Obsidian comes with an 8-speed, while Basalt and Himiway Cobra have 7-speed Shimano derailleurs, providing less flexibility in gear selection.

Additional Features

Color Options and Trial Period: Basalt and Obsidian offer more customization with four color options and a slightly longer trial period, which might appeal to those looking for personalization and assurance.

Processing Time: Basalt and Obsidian also boast quicker processing times, suggesting faster delivery compared to Himiway Cobra and Cyrusher Range.

The choice among these models should be guided by individual priorities:

Basalt is ideal for those seeking affordability without significantly compromising on performance.

Obsidian caters to users looking for a powerful motor for better acceleration and climbing. 

Himiway Cobra provides a good compromise with a slightly larger battery for extended range.

Cyrusher Range is tailored for enthusiasts demanding the highest battery capacity, gear range, and are less concerned with weight or price.

Where Can I Buy An Electric Off Road Bike?

Brand Websites

Brand websites are the most convenient way to acquire a new electric bike. You can explore a wide range of ebike options and place an order for your preferred model with just a few clicks. Ordering from brand websites also streamlines the refund and warranty process.

At Mokwheel, we've designed our website to serve as a one-stop solution for all your off-road biking needs. Here, you'll discover the best off-road electric bikes, as well as high-quality accessories. Our ebike models are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of various customer segments.

Local Dealerships

Many electric bike companies maintain dealerships in major cities. If you prefer traditional methods, you can simply visit a dealership and buy your preferred model. An advantage of dealerships is the opportunity to test an ebike before making a commitment. This way, you can have peace of mind before finalizing your purchase. 

It's worth noting that ebikes at dealerships may be slightly more expensive compared to purchasing from brand websites. However, at times, a salesman may provide an exclusive discount for you.

Online Retailers

If the earlier options don't align with your preferences, you can explore online retailers such as Amazon, and eBay. Typically, you'll find a variety of electric off-road bikes from different brands, making comparisons easier. However, prices at online retailers like Amazon are generally higher than on brand websites, as these retailers charge a commission for their products.

Second-Hand Marketplaces

You can also find ebikes on platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or local classified ads. With some luck, you can find a second-hand ebike at a fraction of its price. However, it's crucial to ensure that the second-hand ebike doesn't have a depleted battery or a faulty motor, as repairing these issues post-purchase could prove expensive.


Electric off-road ebikes offer an exciting way to embark on adventurous journeys and conquer off-road terrain in style. Various options are available, and prices for off-road ebikes will generally vary based on factors such as type, motor, suspension, battery, and brand. You can find electric bikes for sale on brand websites, at dealerships, from online retailers, and through second-hand marketplaces.

If you're uncertain about which bike to choose or where to make your purchase, visit Mokwheel's sale today. With our 15-day refund policy and 2-year warranty, you can confidently choose Mokwheel for a safe and satisfying riding experience. Happy riding!

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