Mokwheel vs. Aventon Bikes: Comparing Mokwheel Mesa Lite to Aventon Pace 500.2

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Imagine a convenient cruise from your home to the office in the bustling urban center - a journey where you effortlessly pedal your way through congested traffic, arriving at your workplace in a bright and cheerful mood. This dream is now a reality, and Mokwheel's Mesa Lite is ready to simplify your urban commute.

Mokwheel Mesa Lite Commuter Electric Bike

It boasts an exciting maximum speed of 28 mph with 5 pedal assist levels; the bike is equipped with Shimano 7-speed gearing known for its long-lasting quality. Additionally, the lightweight electric bike features an advanced central LED display that provides information about your speed, trip, pedal assist level, and more. The ebike retails for an economical price of $1,199, yet it outperforms premium city ebikes.

Mokwheel's latest introduction - the Mesa Lite - has been garnering attention from the public, often being compared to Aventon's Pace 500.2. It’s a “Mokwheel vs Aventon” faceoff in consumers’ minds. Aventon’s Pace series is renowned for its quality and upright cruiser structure. Would you prefer the Pace 500.2 or the impeccable comfort at a significantly lower price with Mesa Lite? Let's compare Mokwheel Mesa Lite vs. Aventon Pace 500.2 to assist you in making the ultimate decision.

Overview: Comparison Of The Key Features


Mokwheel Mesa Lite

Aventon Pace 500.2


350 W

500W Brushless


36V Lithium-ion (14.7 A)

48V, 11.6Ah (556.8Wh)

Maximum Speed

28 mph 

28 mph


Up to 50 miles per charge

Up to 40 miles per charge


7-Speed Shimano

8-Speed Shimano Acera


Mechanical brakes

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tire Size

27.5" x 2.4"

27.5" x 2.2"


LCD Smart Display

LCD Smart Display




Pedal Assist Levels

5 Levels

5 Levels

Maximum Weight Capacity

350 lbs

300 lbs


Mokwheel Mesa Lite, launched in 2023, has received a 100% positive rating from its customers. The bike follows the traditional Mokwheel design philosophy and excels in streamlined durability. With an adjustable frame height of 5'6", extendable to over 6', and a customized saddle that caters to the user's height and comfort, it provides a perfect fit. 

The Mesa Lite features an aluminum crankset and derailleur, ensuring a stable riding experience. Customers have praised the user-intuitive LED display and long-range capacity, allowing for seamless travel throughout the day.

Aventon's Pace 500.2, on the other hand, focuses more on higher acceleration for various terrains. It is available in two frame sizes - 5'3" and 6'0" - with an upright cruiser frame and adjustable stems to enhance the user experience.

Existing users have raved about its 40 lux headlights, which not only improve visibility at night but also add a stylish touch to the bike's appearance.

Now, let's delve into the technical comparison of these city ebikes.


The first thing of concern for an ebike commuter is the battery. The Mesa Lite comes equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery that generates a maximum current of 14.7 A. In comparison, the Pace 500.2 uses a 48 V battery with a current capacity of 12.8 A.

Mokwheel’s batteries have earned a positive reputation among early users. Although the battery emits fewer volts, it's designed using advanced technology to minimize technical loss. Hence, the battery provides unparalleled backup among lightweight electric bikes.

Speed & Power

Aventon’s Pace series has been famous for its rapid acceleration and power. Experienced riders love the maximum 28 mph speed that swiftly crosses traffic jams and helps them conquer hilly terrains.

However, the Mesa Lite is equally impressive; although it has a lower volt motor, it compensates with its streamlined shape and efficient design. The Mesa Lite offers five speed levels; at level 1, the e-bike runs at a maximum speed of 10 mph with pedal assist, and at the highest level 5, you can ride at 28 mph

The Mesa Lite comes with Shimano 7-Speed gearing, making it incredibly quick on all terrains. Customers have had incredible experiences with the bike’s thumb throttle, and they were delighted by its swift speed at the top assist levels.

Both bikes come equipped with cadence sensors connected to the LCD display. Recently, Mokwheels have also experimented with thumb-throttles; it’s an ingenious addition to prevent wrist strain for riders and make their journeys more convenient.


The next factor in Mokwheel vs Aventon face-off is the tires; good tires not only enhance the driving experience around the city, but they also ensure your bike’s suspension, crankset, and shifters last long.

Mokwheel has always had a positive reputation for the tire quality, and we have pushed it a notch higher for the Mesa Lite. The lightweight electric bike comes with a 27.5 x 2.4" tire; the tire is slightly wider than other competitors, ensuring a better driving experience and longer lifespan.

Aventon Pace 500.2 uses a similar tire version to other e-bikes in the Pace series; it has 27.5x2.2" tires that come with reflective sidewalks. Undoubtedly, the tires give an impressive look to the bike’s side profile, but their design is less conducive to rough terrains.


An ebike motor is one of its most expensive parts, and if your bike has an inadequate motor, you'll have to prepare yourself for costly repairs as the bike ages. Aventon’s Pace 500.2 comes with a 48 V (500 W) motor; the higher motor capacity enhances the bike’s acceleration, and it emits less heat on longer journeys. Mesa Lite has a slightly smaller 350 W motor, but it doesn’t impact its performance. The bike supports 350 lbs, compared to Pace’s maximum limit of 300 lbs. Moreover, both bikes offer the same maximum speed of 28 mph with pedal assists and 5 levels.


The Pace 500.2 and Mesa Lite have similar battery specifications, with a positive edge towards the former. However, Mesa Lite’s range has been a plus point for its users and can be a deciding factor for most people.

While both bikes promise similar speeds, Mesa Lite has a range of 50 miles per charge, while the Pace 500.2 falls short with 40 miles as the maximum output. The general output per charge varies between 25-35 miles, depending on the pedal assist level.

Mesa Lite also follows the effortless riding agenda, thus, providing you with a pleasurable drive with everything aligned for the ebike commuter. 


Aventon comes with a 2-year warranty; the Mesa Lite is priced at $1,199 and comes with a 2-year warranty. The two bikes are incredible competitors and excel at most fundamental requirements for an ebike.

However, the Mesa Lite has a distinct edge with a better range, lower price, and higher customer satisfaction. The bike has garnered praise from city ebike users and is one of the most loved lightweight e-bikes throughout the year. If you’d like to give it a try, head to Mokwheel Mesa Lite and become a part of our growing community.

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