How to Pick The Best E-bike Accessories

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It's always essential to have a set of accessories to avoid unpleasant situations on the road. The right tools can enhance your safety, facilitate tasks, and improve your overall riding experience, regardless of the vehicle you're using. E-bike accessories are no exception.

Buying accessories for your E-bike helps avoid headaches in the long run and makes it feel truly yours with added customization and optimization to fit your needs. So keep reading for some ideas on valuable upgrades to improve your riding experience.

Safety on the Road
The first thing you should worry about after purchasing your E-bike is how to make it safer. The most basic accessory for any bike, be it a regular one, an E-bike, or a motorcycle, is a helmet.

While there are many helmet options, the most important thing about them is that they fit you well. So adjustable helmets are a great pick if you're unsure. Some helmets also have LED safety lights for additional safety while riding at night.

Dealing with Flat Tires
Flat tires are inevitable and unpredictable. A repair kit is the best option since carrying a spare tire is difficult.

You should consider carrying tire patches, a multitool, a tire lever, and a tire pump with you. When choosing an inner tube repair kit, make sure the patches come in different sizes and can be easily applied.

Essential Maintenance
Doing maintenance yourself cuts down the cost of maintaining your E-bike significantly. Any E-bike owner can benefit from having a bike kit to help disassemble their bike to oil, fix, or clean it.

The best kits include wrenches, hex keys, spare chain links, chain tools, and patches. Essentially, anything that can assist in taking apart your E-bike without effort.

Be sure that your wrenches and hex keys are made of steel to avoid oxidation and ensure longevity.

Spare Batteries for Long Routes
Spare batteries are essential for long trails or crossing the town. Knowing the difference between batteries is vital to picking the best option for your needs.

Lithium Cobalt batteries (LCo) have a higher density that lasts longer.

Lithium Manganese (LiMg204) is the latest in battery technology. It's eco-friendly, keeps its performance at higher temperatures, and doesn't cost quite as much.

If you constantly travel and would like to take your E-bike along for the ride, check out how to deal with the batteries on a plane to avoid issues.

Riding in The Rain
Preparing for bad weather is crucial if you work with your bike or use it to commute. Good fenders can ensure you get to your destination dry and clean.

However, avoid fenders made of iron or plastic. They quickly get eroded by the elements and end up damaging your bike's frame.

Good fenders should be made of aluminum, PVC, stainless steel, or a combination of those materials to ensure greater durability while avoiding damage to your clothing.

Backpacks and Baskets
An accessory to help you transport objects is necessary when using a bike, especially when commuting or working deliveries.

The best baskets are made of iron with an anti-rust finish or steel to avoid oxidation.

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